Leland Gas Technologies Brings the Color with Their Party Time Helium™ Kit

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J., June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Now is the time for exciting celebrations and festive themes that will grace homes using colorful balloons filled Party Time Helium, a new ready-to-use Helium filled cylinder which instantly inflates 15 balloons for any occasion. The Party Time Helium kit is a helium filled cylinder and valve which gives users the flexibility to choose their own balloons and fill them when they need them. Guests will be delighted to see festive balloons flying high and feel the excitement the host has created.

With home storage space at a premium, old school big helium tanks are obsolete. Modern manufacturing techniques have revolutionized the Helium cylinder size down to the size of a wine bottle and yet, with enough Helium gas to make that big impact one needs at their event.

Leland Gas Technologies has been in the business of packaged gases since 1965 and it was only recently that they developed a small cylinder, the size of a wine bottle, strong enough to hold enough Helium gas for balloon filling. The Party Time Helium cylinder is made from steel and when empty, it is designed to be placed with household recycling. Steel is readily recycled and made into new products, an environmentally responsible process.

The Party Time Helium cylinder comes with a simple twist-on twist-off gas control valve which allows consumers to easily fill up to 15 latex balloons of the 9″ size category or fill up to 10 latex balloons of the 12″ size category. The Party Time Helium kit does not come with balloons so that people can select the balloon colors to match the theme of their party.

With Party Time Helium the consumers are in control of the balloon quality and colors and they decide when they want to fill them. ‘Take away prefilled balloons’ at a store are difficult to get home and makes one go out on another errand timed to thir event. Avoid that stress and a select the space saving advantage which Party Time Helium offers.

The Party Time Helium cylinder kit is available in a growing number of retailers and on Amazon for $26.00. For more information: www.PartyTimeHeliumGas.com or 800-984-9793.

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SOURCE Leland Gas Technologies