LeaseDigs Comes to a Neighborhood Near You

DALLAS, Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chesterfield Faring Ltd (NYC) proptech division, announces its new web and mobile based app streamlining the process for renters to find their dream home (or apartment) through an auction platform. Landlords directly list their rentals on the site cutting out the middleman. allows renters to win their dream home rental at auction then schedule an appointment for a physical viewing with the landlord. Brokers can use the system as well. Renters save time, effort, and frustration. This helps renters secure their dream home in a streamlined process where demand exceeds supply.

The site is intuitively based and easy to navigate. Landlords or brokers can list homes or apartments in minutes going "live" immediately. The rental process is simple. 

The renter: i) browses for listings, ii) picks, bids, and wins the "digs", iii) makes a small deposit via credit card and EFT (ACH) (soon crypto), iv) automatically reserves the home, v) sets an appointment online, sees and approves the "digs" in person, with credit approved on the site upon acceptance, vi) signs the lease and pays balance on their mobile app, and vii) then it’s official, the renter gets their keys right then and move in. 

All can be done in less than 48 hours unless the Landlord opts for a longer auction window. Renters save time knowing when they show up at their appointment and approve their new dream home, they can move in immediately.

As a new app, landlords receive a 90-day free trial period. Thereafter, $99 per listing. The service is free for tenants. The Dallas metro area is open now. Register and sign up today.

Media Contact: 
Lawrence Selevan 

SOURCE Chesterfield Faring Ltd.