Leading Home Builder Identifies 5 Reasons for Continued Growth in Housing Market Despite High-Interest Rates and Launches Franchise Opportunity to Meet Growing Demand

SPRINGFIELD, Miss., May 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Trendsetter Homes, a leading residential construction company, has identified five reasons why the demand for new homes continues to grow despite high-interest rates. The expected upward trajectory for the housing market is due to:

  1. Limited Inventory: The current housing inventory remains low, which is driving up demand for new homes.
  2. Remote Work: The rise of remote work has enabled people to move to new areas, increasing demand in areas that previously had low housing demand.
  3. Economic Growth: The economy continues to recover and grow, increasing consumer confidence and investment in the housing market.
  4. Need for Larger and More Functional Living Spaces: The pandemic has highlighted the importance of having enough space for home offices, exercise areas, and outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment.
  5. Changing preferences: People are prioritizing community engagement, involvement, and a sense of belonging within a community, with homeownership and access to amenities like a pool, playground, and common gathering areas contributing to these preferences.

As a response to this demand, Trendsetter Homes has launched a franchise opportunity to help experienced builders expand their businesses and bring a specialized home-building and home-buying experience to more communities nationwide. The franchise model provides an ideal opportunity for builders to take advantage of the current trends in the housing market and offer unique homes that meet the changing needs of today’s homeowners.

“We’re excited to offer this franchise opportunity to experienced builders who are looking to grow their businesses and provide exceptional value to their customers,” said Ryan Cantrell, CEO of Trendsetter Homes Franchise. “With the current trends in the housing market, we believe that our franchise model is the ideal solution for builders who want to stay ahead of the curve, scale their business, and offer specialized services that meet the needs of modern homeowners.”

By joining the Trendsetter Homes franchise, builders benefit by gaining access to the company’s streamlined business model, advanced training, in-house sales program, and support network to help them build and grow their businesses. They can leverage Trendsetter’s established brand recognition, industry expertise, and incorporated technology to provide a superior home-buying and home-building experience to their customers.

For more information on the Trendsetter Homes franchise opportunity, visit buildtrendsetter.com or call 417-887-2001.

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