King & Corbin Offers ‘Foreclosure Relief Program’ to Assist Homeowners Before Federal Moratorium Expires – Partners With Nonprofit Program to Help Lower Payments and Cover a Portion of Late Fees

SAN DIEGO, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A national leader in foreclosure assistance, King & Corbin Associates, L.P. (King & Corbin) recently highlighted its Foreclosure Relief Program (FRP), working in tandem with nonprofit organizations like 7DEUS to help homeowners who are in pre-foreclosure and full foreclosure status. The Foreclosure Relief Program is specifically designed to assist in multiple ways: allowing homeowners to stay in their homes, eliminating the original mortgage, paying off outstanding debt, significantly increasing credit scores, avoiding bankruptcy, and recouping equity in as little as 12 months. Although the federal government has placed a current moratorium on foreclosures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, homeowners are strongly advised to have a working plan in place before that moratorium expires.

“We are the only company in the United States that offers a real solution for homeowners who are facing foreclosure,” said B. Corbin, King & Corbin Co-founder. “The time for action is now. Our clients can start to rebuild today, not seven years from now. Our program is designed to help each homeowner keep their home and stop foreclosure. And clients can continue living in their houses at a reduced rate without penalties, using helpful subsidies from our partners – at no out of pocket cost to the homeowner.”

King & Corbin provides homeowners with options, enabling better interest rates to help lower mortgage payments – saving thousands of dollars over the life of a house loan and ultimately providing a strong sense of financial freedom. Homeowners can also choose to sell their house and regain the equity that they would have lost in a foreclosure. This foreclosure relief is available without having to pay high attorney fees, but time is absolutely limited. After the moratorium expires, many homeowners face serious consequences like losing a house to their lender, or being forced to continue living under a mountain of debt with significant damage to credit.  Not taking action could force them into bankruptcy and possibly adding a foreclosure, causing long term damage.

King & Corbin: The Foreclosure Relief Program

The FRP is provided with no up-front fees and alleviates multiple problems created by the threat of foreclosure. Along with helping to remove the burden of late fees, the FRP also comfortably restructures individual mortgages moving into the future. And using a special Rental Payment Reporting program, the FRP allows homeowners to rebuild their damaged credit as they go – notifying major credit agencies every time a homeowner successfully makes a house payment to establish positive debt-repayment patterns.

“We’re also excited to announce that part of our Foreclosure Relief Program involves working closely with 7DEUS,” said King & Corbin Co-founder, K. King. “7DEUS helps renters and homeowners cover a portion of the late payments that have accrued as a result of financial hardship from the pandemic. Along with its partner and donor community, we sponsor and support fundraising events for 7DEUS, whose successful financial literacy program has helped so many adults with children. These programs are especially useful for economically challenged families: those most likely to face evictions and foreclosures. We have always shared one of the main goals championed by 7DEUS: to help restore an economically viable future for as many families as possible, and get people back on their feet.”

King & Corbin urges homeowners to contact them for a free, complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss options, learning more about how to avoid foreclosure and subsequent damage to credit scores before the moratorium expires.

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