June 2022: World Estimating Offers a 30% Discount Amid Price Hike and Russia Ukraine War

World Estimating, A Renowned Estimating Company Offers A Hefty Cut in Prices To Help Contractors Bid

DALLAS , June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — During a war-torn economy, the construction industry is suffering a great setback. The number of new upcoming projects is decreasing. The contractors are compelled to place more bids than before. To assist this challenge, World Estimating provides a discount of 30 percent on their Construction estimating services.

World Estimating is a highly reputed estimating company based in Dallas, TX. This company has been providing estimating services at reasonable rates. They have gained respect among contractors, project owners, and builders. Now to assist the contractors that are facing problems with bidding, they are offering discounted bid estimating services.

While talking with the owner of the company Nathanial James, we have gained insight into their plan. "We understand that the construction industry is not in a good situation right now. Contractors are worried and to help them, we offer this discount. This discount is meant to help them bid more. Simultaneously, we offer monthly takeoff packages including 8-10 projects and starting from $1500 per month."

Our insight has also deepened after meeting an old client of theirs. "The current condition of the industry is not very good. There is a shortage of projects and are compelled to bid more. Working with World Estimating has benefited us for years. Today, their discount on electrical estimating services has facilitated us to bid on sufficient projects. Hence, we are hopeful to reach our annual millstone." Jason G. Lingenfelter Owner, Jumasons Electric Company.

Further talking with Nathanial James proved very beneficial to us. He has assured us that they will continue this in the future. "If contractors outsource to us at our offered rates, it will help them to save up to 60 percent of the full-time in-house estimator. This means cuts on all sorts of employee benefits."

About the Firm

World Estimating Services is an experienced estimating company. The company has hired diverse estimators and holds a pool of satisfied customers. They have been offering numerous estimating and takeoff services. Prominent among them include:

  • Construction Estimating Services
  • Material Takeoff Services
  • Construction Takeoff Services
  • Quantity Takeoff Services
  • Mechanical Estimating Services
  • Electrical Estimating Services
  • Lumber Takeoff
  • Drywall Takeoff

And others

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