Joybird Finds New Data Revealing the Cities With the Most Historic Homes on the Current Rental Market

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Have you been dreaming of living in a historic home but can’t afford to buy right now? There’s a way to get that character and charm without the hassle that comes with maintenance and finances—And it’s renting.

The team at furniture company Joybird recently poured into real estate data to discover which cities and states have the most historic homes on the current rental market.

“Living in a historic home is a unique experience that can bring you closer to your community and past,” said Erin Stanley of Joybird. “If you’re thinking about renting an older home, start your search by getting to know your options—or which state has the most opportunity.”

Analysis Methodology

The researchers used current rental housing data from and Zillow to find the number of single-family homes built before 1971 that are currently on the market in the top 100 most populous cities and in each state to determine where the most historic rentals are located.

The Cities With the Most Historic Rentals

Albany, New York is the top city with the most historic homes on the current rental market, with 105 pre-1971 homes available per 100,000 residents. In second place, with roughly half the number of available homes, New Haven, Connecticut offers 58 historic rentals per 100,00 residents. Miami, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri followed behind.

The States With the Most Historic Rentals

When zooming out, the top state with the most historic homes on the current rental market overall is California, with over 6,000 historic rentals. Florida came in at No. 2, with 3,841 homes, followed by Pennsylvania (2,411), New York (2,341), and Massachusetts (2,087).

You can check out the full study and a map of top 20 cities and states here.

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