Invictus Foundation to Embark on a Ten Year One Hundred Twenty Million Dollar Capital Construction Campaign to Build Eight Regional TBI and Behavioral Health Centers of Excellence Across the U.S.

SEATTLE, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — "The Invictus Foundation is in the forefront of efforts to help veterans, active-duty service members and their families suffering the terrible effects of traumatic brain Injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and an array of behavioral health issues stemming from their experience in the crucible of war. TBI, PTSD and behavioral health issues afflict hundreds of thousands of people who have selflessly served in defense of our Nation," states Peter Whalen, Founder and CEO of the Invictus Foundation.

To address this urgent need the Invictus Foundation plans to build a series of eight specially designed regional treatment centers of excellence (COEs) with the naming convention Invictus Foundation Centers of Excellence for TBI & Behavioral Health around the Nation. Within these Centers veterans, active duty military and their families, families of the fallen, public safety personnel and the community at large will receive the most advanced and proven care to address the complex symptoms of TBI, PTSD, and an array of other behavioral health issues with the goal of returning people to their activities of daily living within a new normal brought about by their experience in the crucible of war and other psychological trauma.

Patients at the Centers will come from a diverse and inclusive subset of the community population they serve. These subsets will be rank ordered preferentially starting with veterans and their families, active-duty military and their families, families of the fallen, public safety officers, and members of the Community-at-Large. Patients will receive comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and individually tailored evaluations and treatment. Each Invictus Center will incorporate a variety of specialties Including neurology. neuropsychology, physiatrists, psychiatrists, psychologist, orthotics, prosthetics, audiology, ophthalmology, speech pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, family therapy, art, and music therapy. The first Invictus Foundation Center of Excellence for TBI and Behavioral Health will be constructed in the Seattle area with its opening planned for the Summer of 2025.

"The philantro-capitalism fund raising model, often referred to as a social funding model, will be utilized for the capital construction campaign. It is a model used by the Bill Gates Foundation and Bill Ackman’s Pershing Foundation to name but a few. Investors have a choice of investing for purely philanthropic reasons or an adjusted rate of return on investment given their affinity for the vision and mission of the Invictus Centers. The philantro-capitalism model will be harnessed with a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) governance that will allow investors to realize gains through the real estate the Invictus Centers are built upon as well," states Mr. Whalen.

The Invictus Foundation’s capital construction campaign efforts will be supported and overseen by the Vice Chairs of the Invictus Foundation Board of Directors, Wayne Ross, and Bryan Hoddle, respectively. Mr. Ross has an expert knowledge base in putting together partnerships in the oil and gas industry, while Mr. Hoddle has an expert knowledge base in consulting with military and veterans’ organizations on the treatment of injured soldiers and veterans. He is often referred to as the Soldiers Coach. For more information or a prospectus on the Invictus Foundation’s Centers of Excellence for TBI and Behavioral Health please email

Media Contact:
Peter J. Whalen

SOURCE Invictus Foundation