International Investors Mortgage Brings on JTC Americas as Knowledge Partner

WESTPORT, Conn., Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — International Investors Mortgage is excited to announce JTC Americas (Formerly NES Financial) as its knowledge partner as it prepares to deliver financial solutions for immigrant investors interested in buying property in the United States.

Building on the deep industry knowledge and expertise of JTC Americas, a strong promoter of best practices for EB-5 administration, International Investors Mortgage has designed its unique solutions with the best interest of the EB-5 investor in mind. JTC Americas will also be an escrow agent and the exclusive escrow administrator for IIM’s mortgage solutions that cater specifically to EB-5 investors.

JTC Americas, through the team that is recognized from its time operating as NES Financial, has an unmatched understanding of EB-5 investments, industry trends, and stakeholder needs.  The company also has an industry-leading track record of delivering secure, transparent and compliant escrow and fund administration solutions using its purpose built technology. By providing third party administration, JTC America’s will help in ensuring that the EB-5 investors’ interest is secure both in the property and the EB-5 investment.

Founded and managed by experienced professionals from the EB-5 and mortgage industries, International Investors Mortgage was created with the mission of offering EB-5 investors a tailored, comprehensive solution to accessing quality mortgage loans. Foreign nationals that arrive in the US typically have to make large down payments and face high interest rates because they don’t have a US credit history.  International Investors Mortgage specializes in finding lending solutions for international investors.

Talking about the relationship, Gregory Sweeney, Lead Partner, International Investors Mortgage said:

"JTC Americas is the gold standard for fund administration in the EB-5 business. Their experienced team understands all the complexities of the industry, as well as the concerns and challenges that EB-5 investors can face when making their move to the US, especially with regards to the lack of transparent, investor friendly, customer-focused solutions in the space. The JTC Americas team worked closely with us to help define and implement the administrative best practices for IIM’s solutions that work across the broad spectrum of EB-5 investors."

Reid Thomas, Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director, ‎JTC Americas (Formerly NES Financial) said:

"We are excited about this new offering for EB-5 investors. Our two companies share common goals and values: providing excellent service to ensure client success. Both teams have worked tirelessly to understand the challenges that EB-5 investors face on their journey toward the American Dream and to identify solutions that could help. The intricacies of the mortgage solution offered by International Investors Mortgage LLC together with our leading administrative solutions will go a long way to assist investors looking to purchase real estate in the US."

EB-5 investors usually lack sufficient credit history to qualify for high quality credit solutions and financial products, simply because they are new to the US. International Investors Mortgage offers a transparent solution for EB-5 investors to leverage their EB-5 investments to access mortgage loans for self use, rental properties, vacation homes, or commercial properties.

About International Investors Mortgage LLC

International Investors Mortgage LLC provides tailored US mortgage solutions to qualified foreign nationals, particularly EB-5 investors. A large percentage of international investors are underserved by traditional lenders due to their lack of sufficient credit history, assets, or employment income in the US. International Investors Mortgage provides flexible, good quality credit while unlocking value for the EB-5 investors.

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About JTC Americas (Formerly NES Financial)

JTC Americas (Formerly NES Financial) is the US division of JTC Group, a multi-jurisdictional provider of fund, corporate and private client services. Listed on the London Stock Exchange and included in the FTSE 250 Index, JTC Group administers more than $130 billion in assets and employs more than 1200 people in 26 offices worldwide. JTC Americas (Formerly NES Financial) is a leader in specialty financial administration, serving markets characterized by high administrative complexity, elevated transaction security needs and challenging compliance requirements. The company’s technology-driven solutions streamline best practices in these markets by simplifying specialized financial transactions, reducing back-office overhead, curtailing fraud and abuse, and offering security, transparency and regulatory compliance during each step of an investment’s life cycle.

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