Interior Design Meets Parrot Tree Perch

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As discerning parrot owners and lovers know, living with a parrot is both an art and an adventure. To enrich the lives of people and parrots alike, Arcametti has released its exclusive line of luxury tree stand perches, available in multiple sizes and designs, which have earned the highest acclaim from connoisseurs and avian experts worldwide.

“At long last, parrot owners have an innovative option for enhancing the beauty of their homes while giving their favorite pet the opportunity to expand their environment beyond the cage,” said Anna Leong, president of Arcametti. “While reinforcing the bond between person and parrot, owners can enjoy a genuine showpiece and artistic statement for the ages, something that could be exhibited in any art gallery.”  

Arcametti’s one-of-a-kind tree stand perches, which range in price from $2,500 to $10,000, are informed by the designers’ passion for animals, nature, art and architecture. Each work features aged coffea robusta trees individually selected for their personality and aesthetic; the trees are found in challenging terrain, resulting in a wild, weathered, and windswept look and feel. Each base is fashioned from solid slices of exquisitely grained tropical hardwood trees thematically designed to complement the architecture of the home and the experience of the parrot companion lifestyle.

Offering safe, natural space for parrots to roam, play and discover, Arcametti’s perches have smooth rolling casters that provide parrots the opportunity to move easily from room to room within the home and socialize with family and flock. High-quality stainless-steel bowls in a choice of gold or silver color are included. Moreover, natural rattan cane and sisal rope wrappings on each tree give birds interesting textures to explore while providing an ergonomically correct grip. A variety of multi-sized holes in the branches allow for customization with toys, puzzles, and foraging spots to meet each bird’s personal preferences.

“You can enhance the style and beauty of your home, showcase the vibrancy of your family’s birds and know that you are the first and only owner of your exclusive Arcametti perch,” Leong added. “The bases are original visionary works painstakingly crafted with integrity, aesthetic, environment and avian companionship in mind.”

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With a great passion for animals, art, nature and design, Arcametti creates sophisticated one-of-a-kind tree stand perches designed to enrich the lives of parrots and the people who treasure them. For more information, please visit

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