Hybridized Smart Home Technology, Designer and Builder, HOMMA Announces Portland, OR Townhouse Project in the Woodstock Neighborhood

10-15 units anticipated start date 2H 2023, completion 2H 2024

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HOMMA Group, Inc. (HOMMA), a hybridized technology developer, designer and builder of pre-configured smart homes, today announced a 10-15 unit townhouse project totaling 10,000 – 15,000 square feet in the fast-growing Woodstock neighborhood in Portland, OR. The company anticipates construction to start in the second half of 2023, with completion in the latter half of 2024. HOMMA HAUS Woodstock is the company’s second project in Portland following its HOMMA HAUS Mount Tabor development, the nation’s first pre-configured, multi-family smart home community. HOMMA will select a local architect and general contractor to partner with on the project.

HOMMA believes the smart home market is moving from “do it yourself” to “do it for me.” According to the TecHome Builder 2020 Product Pulse survey, 80% of Homebuyers believe that higher quality homes come with technology built-in, 76% of Homebuyers think new homes should always have smart home technology, 75% believe a brand-new home with smart home technology could be a tie-breaker, and 75% believe a smart home will have a higher resale value. The results underscore that Homebuyers are demanding tech-enabled homes – and that they would like to have someone else do the technology part for them.

“Urban, multi-family living that is holistic and adaptive will drive the do-it-for-me industry. As the industry moves away from DIY, “more technology” or “the best apps” won’t make home life better, but the correct combination of technology will. At HOMMA our goal is to make modern living simple, intuitive, and turnkey,” said Takeshi (Ted) Homma, HOMMA Group founder and CEO.

HOMMA develops proprietary, AI-powered smart technology – that it blends with modern architecture and design, and sourced quality materials – to create harmonious living experiences for residents.

Every HOMMA HAUS comes with curated technology pre-installed, ready for use, and WiFi-connected for access from the HOMMA app – from day one. The system is updated regularly via the cloud, and all hardware is housed discretely in a central hub in the home. All technology is fully integrated into the structure and blends into the minimalist interior design. There is virtually nothing the homeowner needs to worry about or manage. The HOMMA app makes management of all features centralized and simple to use.

HOMMA HAUS Mount Tabor’s rental units outperformed comparable listings in the Portland market. The company anticipates great interest for its limited number of HOMMA HAUS Woodstock units, all of which will be listed for sale. To get more information or to access a virtual tour, interested buyers can click here.


HOMMA is at the intersection of real estate development, architecture, and technology. Based in Japan and Silicon Valley, California, HOMMA is made up of a team of architects, technologists and designers focused on creating spaces for lives to be more fully lived. HOMMA to date has completed the production of “HOMMA ZERO” (Hayward, CA), “HOMMA HAUS Waterside” (Benicia, CA), and “HOMMA HAUS Mount Tabor” (Portland, OR), the nation’s first pre-configured, multi-family smart home community. For more information, reach out to us at info@hom.ma or visit www.hom.ma.

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