How Do Your Office Walls Make You Feel? Color Design Development Group Shares Secrets of Color Science for Commercial Real Estate

PHOENIX, May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With office vacancies at an all-time high, real estate developers and employers seek solutions. Can color help? According to Color Design Development Group (CDDG), leaders in color science for commercial and residential real estate, color directly affects our mood, health, and joy. It’s more important than ever in today’s workplace, as employees report unprecedented unhappiness. Color on walls and in decor can help employers better support the emotional well-being of their employees.

For Mental Health Awareness Month, CDDG’s color scientists share their top color recommendations.

  • Choose green near electronics. Green relaxes eye muscles, making it perfect for walls behind computers and electronics. It can boost morale, productivity, and focus.

  • Try blue in meeting spaces. Darker blues like navy increase trustworthiness, especially with 90-degree angles, like square/rectangular conference rooms, where ideas are exchanged and deals are made.

  • Use yellow for reminders. Sticky notes and highlighters default to yellow because it triggers memory. Using yellow for important documents and memos may keep your team focused and attentive.

  • Fear not red. The first color the eye sees is red; it’s perfect for signs and displays. Pink can boost creativity and excitement.

  • Go geometric. Fractal design (patterns repeating at different scales) relaxes the brain. It can calm a lobby or office entry.

  • Avoid gray! Offices with a neutral chromatic atmosphere like gray might increase the burnout risk by 15 percent, and decrease productivity by 12 percent. Consider white instead; the only shade that is truly neutral and has no neurological effect.

About Color Design Development Group (CDDG)
CDDG is a leader in color science for commercial and residential real estate. Beyond color theory, color science analyzes the impact of color on mood and mental health. By leveraging the right combination of hues, shades, and patterns for interior and exterior spaces, CDDG creates an aesthetic look and feel that increases value and ROI. Headquartered in Phoenix, CDDG works with clients nationwide, from commercial office buildings and residential properties to multi-family buildings, student and senior housing, even entire community renovations.

About Kimberly Shaw
CDDG’s founder, Kimberly has 20+ years of experience and training applying color science and psychology to business and consumer decision-making and revenue generation. Kimberly has worked with real estate professionals, multi-family/multi-use properties, student housing, planned communities, and senior housing. She speaks at industry events about color’s role in commercial development and trends. Kimberly is trained by the International Association of Color Consultants (IACC) and the Business of Color.

About Rebekah Lane
Creative Director and Chief Education Officer, Rebekah is a working mixed-media artist (RLane Studios) with two decades of IACC education. A former New York-based textile designer, she is committed to understanding color’s role in mood and mental health. Rebekah develops online/live color training; in-depth courses about applying color throughout real estate, sales strategy, branding, and company culture.

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