How Do Interest Rates Affect Mortgages and Home Building?

PUYALLUP, Wash., Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — There are plenty of mortgage calculators that confirm rising interest rates affect a monthly payment. This is worth considering when purchasing an existing home or building a home. While it is notable that the current rate is traditionally considered a good rate. Instead of viewing the historical gauge of interest rates, many families accustomed to the low rate era may pause their decision to homeownership until lower rates are available again. In this article, HiLine Homes will endeavor to explain briefly how interest rates affect mortgages and home building.

The Affect of Interest Rates on Home Building

How do interest rates effect the home building industry? With higher interest rates, there are fewer people in the market, which means there is less demand in the industry, allowing for more advancements, flexibility, and partnerships to develop. Taking a minute to look at a different perspective of becoming a home buyer now rather than renting could result in an equity rich situation while others deal with future bidding wars.

Rising interest rates may result in the feeling of the goal being a distant dream. Therefore, considering a home as an investment opportunity allows for an outlook of predictive planning to secure a home sooner. Yes, interest rates are higher than they have been in recent years, but other elements of the market may make homeownership within reach.

There are many types of investments. Common investing types are mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Historically, purchasing a home is considered a secure investment. Therefore, it is beneficial to research how to buy a home now while enduring high interest rates.

Examine some possibly familiar but solid guidelines in this market. Keep reading to find a point that is of interest:

  • ARM: Why is an adjustable rate mortgage a good idea? The lower upfront rates are an attractive selection to attain a dream house in this difficult rate period. There are restrictions, so work with a loan officer to locate the best interest rate for the final home loan.
  • Short Term Loan: Shortening the length of a mortgage can lower an interest rate. The downside is the monthly payment will increase.
  • Equity: Whether through a larger down payment or building with an on your lot custom home builder like HiLine Homes, bringing equity to the table can lower the mortgage payment overall. Combine this with one of the bullet points above, and it may be the solution to becoming a homebuyer in a changing market.
Acquire Homeownership With HiLine Homes

The home building industry is set to advance in this market by offering flexible alternatives and building stronger partnerships. Integrate into these advancements by building a custom home with a building process that works with the homeowner’s comfort level. HiLine Homes allows a selection of involvement & the ability to connect with a construction lender through our Approved Lender List. Reach out to a HiLine Home Consultant to walk through the building process, view over 50 floor plans & visualize a home building journey.

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