Hotelier Michael Krymchantowski Extends Title as Pioneer of Wynwood Commercial Development with New Krymwood Flats

MIAMI, Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hotelier Michael Krymchantowski title as the bona fide pioneer of Wynwood commercial development is soaring to new heights with a new property opening in 2024.

One of the hottest neighborhoods in Miami continues to hold its stellar reputation due to the trailblazing efforts that Krymchantowski took when he opened the very first hotel in the neighborhood, Krymwood Flats. The premiere original business in the area is now celebrating a 10th anniversary. The legendary area of Miami would never have been what it is today without Krymchantowski’s business model and vision.

"When I found the neighborhood all my friends said I was crazy to finance in this underdeveloped zone," he stated while talking about the initial project. "I helped to clean the area. I made it a safe and hip place to stay in Miami."

Hotelier Michael Krymchantowski is a successful Brazilian businessman who was one of the first to open doors on the streets that once laid out some undesirable abandoned lots. It was not overnight, but rather years of perseverance that brought in financial gain and an outstanding reputation as a property developer.

Now in a landmark real estate deal, Wynwood is set to break ground on the first-ever luxury hotel in the neighborhood. The developer in association with MKDA Executive Managing Director of Design, Amanda Herzler, and legendary commercial lender, Ken Klein with Michelle Vainstok of QKapital Group are merging talents to cultivate the deal that will bring high-end accommodations to one of Miami’s hottest neighborhoods.

Financing for the project with QKapital Group is complete and Krymchantowski has signed an exclusive architectural contract with MKDA offices to launch the property at 176 NW0 28th Street in the heart of the artistic and lively Wynwood region.

Find out more about the journey that Krymchantowski has been on to create the property that changed Miami forever for the better. For more information on Wynwood’s first hotel, as well as Krymchantowski’s future project of a new luxury hotel being developed with Ken Klein of QKapital Group contact Glo Creative today.  

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