Honely Announces Successful Closing of its Seed Round

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Honely, the Boca Raton PropTech company that is seeking to revolutionize the real estate investing process through AI/ML-powered predictive analytics, announced today that it successfully closed its seed funding round. The startup secured an investor who believed in their vision of delivering high-level, forward-looking insights on 150 million homes across all 50 states. Their delivery method is through a highly scalable platform which makes their analytics instantly accessible and easy to digest, thus empowering anyone from your average homebuyer to large institutions.

"Capital from this seed round will be used for the full-scale rollout of Honely.com, to allow the company to reach the next level of scale and impact, delivering real estate data analysis and forecasting instantaneously to investors and home buyers alike, thereby kickstarting the commercialization of the platform," said Honely CEO Jonathan Alexander Shah

Shah added that, "We began this journey in mid-2020 with nothing but some internal funding and a vision to become the go-to resource for actionable real estate analytics. In that short span of time, we’re proud to have built models that surpass anything available on the market and with the conclusion of this seed round it’s time to go to market and assist the entirety of the real estate investing ecosystem." 

About Honely, LLC: Honely is a Boca Raton-based PropTech company that harnesses the transformative power of AI/ML and predictive analytics to deliver real estate data analysis instantaneously to investors and home buyers alike. 

Honely began as a technology lab whose team was able to leverage extensive data science and machine learning capabilities to deliver the most accurate home-value-forecasting models on the market. However, the company saw several other blind spots when it came to real estate analytics and now offer many other solutions such as relocation trends, zip code rankings and statistics, AVMs, and much more. 

The company recognized that real estate was lagging far behind other industries when it came to both tech and data insights, even though buyers, sellers, and investors desire more digital resources to assist in decision-making. Honely saw this disconnect as an opportunity to refresh the space and deliver their solutions on an easy-to-use, affordable platform.

Honely elevates the research and decision-making processes by allowing you to quickly discover properties and areas positioned for growth.

The company also realized the real estate agents’ need for analytical tools to educate their clients and close deals. Therefore, Honely’s platform empowers and delivers to agents the ability to generate co-branded property reports on demand in real time.

For more information about Honely, LLC and its services, please visit www.honely.com.

For business and partnership inquiries, or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Scot Eisenfelder
Executive Vice President, Honely



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