Home Title Lock and Newt Gingrich Join Forces to Educate American Consumers on the Perils of Home Title Theft

SAN DIEGO, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Home Title Lock, the nation’s leading home title fraud detection service, has announced a new advertising campaign featuring the 50th Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and the former Assistant Director of the FBI’s Cyber Division James Finch. The campaign also features Matthew Cox, an admitted mortgage fraudster who at one time was on the FBI’s most wanted list for stealing over 150 properties before he was stopped.

“If you take online real estate records, plus the ease of identity theft and filing fraudulent documents, plus available home equity being at an all-time high, you have the perfect storm for a cyber-criminal to steal your home title,” said Cyber Security Expert Finch. “It’s more important than ever to ensure you have safeguards in place to thwart the cyber-criminal.”

According to Matthew Cox, a convicted perpetrator of this crime, “I take the deed from your name and transfer it to someone else that I’m in control of, either a fake ID or myself or any number of people. I then borrow against the house or sell the house and you have no clue until you find out that your house has been sold, or several banks are foreclosing on you.” But monetizing the theft of a title takes time and according to Cox, “The problem with a company like Home Title Lock is that they can get me in the middle of the crime. And that’s your worst fear is being caught halfway during the crime. You want it to be undetectable until you’re gone.”

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer Sentinel Network, identity theft complaints tied to real estate loans increased 6,134% from 2015-2020. Home Title Lock works on behalf of homeowners to help protect a home’s title before it is stolen and offers up to a quarter million dollars toward legal fees and reimbursement expenses to its subscribers in the event of a compromise. The industry leader, Home Title Lock protects homeowners by monitoring title documents using its proprietary monitoring system of 5.5 billion title assets.

“Today close to 40% of American homeowners have 100% equity in their property — making them an attractive target for home title theft,” said Jimmy Clark, CMO of Home Title Lock. “It is a proud moment in our organization’s five-year history to have Mr. Gingrich committed to further educating America’s homeowners about title theft vulnerabilities surrounding the ownership and the equity they have in their homes.”

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The nation’s first and leading home title theft detection service, Home Title Lock offers a comprehensive approach to protecting customers’ homes by monitoring more than 5.5 billion title document assets. Through its proprietary technology, Home Title Lock alerts homeowners in real time as any title documents are disturbed. This advance notification service works to prevent criminal activity before homeowners are impacted. Home Title Lock is based in San Diego, CA and is privately held.

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