Home Diversification Corp Announces Intent to Sell Company

MANCHESTER, N.H., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Home Diversification Corp, a startup Fintech financial product provider and creator of the home diversification concept, today announced its intention to engage in a strategic sell of the business to an interested buyer. The company seeks an investor group or industry leader possessing the necessary resources and vision to capitalize on the market-disruptive opportunity presented by HDC. The strategic sell of the company is necessitated due to the recent onset of health issues of its founder and CEO, Marc Biron. HDC will begin entertaining offers forthwith.

Over six years in the making, the Company’s first-of-its-kind product, the Home Diversification Mortgage, provides millions of homeowners the never-before-available ability to diversify their largest asset – their home – and guarantees them national home price appreciation.  

The proprietary credit-enhancement product has been developed in discussion with GSEs. The value proposition to the industry is its ability to eliminate a large percentage of mortgage credit risk to lenders and the GSEs. It enables easier and cheaper access to credit for millions of U.S. homeowners with low FICO scores who currently utilize expensive mortgage insurance in order to qualify for home financing. Lenders are protected and can afford to safely originate more mortgages, while borrowers can potentially save an average of $100+ monthly on their mortgage payment.

HDC was founded by Biron and a core group with the intent of addressing the long-standing issue of affordability. In the years since that time, they have validated and refined the original concept, created the proprietary tools and platform necessary for facilitating the advanced processes in their system, and introduced the revolutionary concept of home diversification to the market.

"It’s been my dream to create a product that would address housing affordability for tens of millions of Americans who have traditionally been locked out of homeownership. The product we’ve created is ready to deliver on that dream," states Biron. "I’m proud of the work done to this point, but I’ve come to the bittersweet realization that I must now step back. While it was always my intention to eventually turn the keys over to an entity capable of maximizing the potential of the company, the effort necessary in the endeavor has taken a toll on my health, and precious time away from my family. As such, I have come to the difficult decision to sell HDC."

Interested parties should contact HDC President Shailendra Tripathi at shailendra.tripathi
@homediversification.com or via LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/shailendratripathi-st/) to discuss the opportunity.

About HDC:
HDC is a Manchester, NH-based Fintech company. Creator of the newly established Home Diversification concept and their exclusive Home Diversification Mortgage. They provide solutions that help solve all-important issues of affordability, diversification, and risk reduction, guaranteeing national home price appreciation and substantial monthly savings to homeowners in the U.S. and abroad. 

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