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PUYALLUP, Wash., Feb. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) continue to be a popular option for homeowners who want to tap into rental income, have a safe space for aging parents, or expand the livability of their property. ADUs were traditionally restricted to city and county properties within urban growth boundaries or rural farms for farmworkers. However, with new laws, property owners’ rights are expanded, and the opportunity to build an ADU on your property is more realistic. We will outline the benefits of building an ADU on your property.

Why Build an ADU on Your Property

For many homeowners, an ADU offers a path to keep aging parents close, offers adult children an affordable home to save money, or a flex space for work privacy and occasional guests.

Here are a few ways an ADU can enhance your life and property:

  • Dedicated home for caregivers
  • Safe & secluded space for family members
  • Quiet home office
  • Comfortable guest home
  • Long term rental investment
  • An affordable option for adult children

As communities recognize the need for more housing, building a second home on your property is a helpful solution to affordable housing issues. ADUs are more than just a guest room. Typically an ADU dwelling includes a kitchen, bathroom, and separate access. Because an ADU is a permanent structure complete with utilities, it is a sustainable and long-term housing investment. 

How to Build an ADU

Local housing ordinances will play a role in determining the possibility, size & location of an ADU on your property. However, with recent laws that expand your opportunity to build a second home on your property, it is worth considering. HiLine Home Consultants are knowledgeable and can break down your options into more manageable pieces, walking you through your project step by step.

First Steps to Building an ADU on Your Property

As you plan, think about how you’ll use a second home on your property. This consideration will allow you to better understand your project’s development and building costs. A checklist of things to research and consider:

  • Establish budget
  • Learn about financing
  • Check with building jurisdiction for property requirements
  • Determine utility connections
  • Order your HiLine ADU specific home

Criteria for Building an ADU on Your Property

Finding out the criteria to build an ADU for your specific property is important to the success of your project. Here are some items to find out:

  • What is the maximum square footage allowable?
  • How big must my property be to allow an ADU?
  • What are the setbacks from existing utilities?
  • Will utilities be accessible to the new home?
  • Are fire protection services required?

Don’t know where to start? No worries. Connect with your dedicated HiLine Home Consultant to learn more about what to expect when building a second home on your property. Whether you are looking for a guest house or need something bigger, our building program is designed to support you.

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