HaulHub Technologies Secures Allowance for Patent Application for Offline E-Ticketing Capabilities

The newly allowed patent application is the second in a series of covered innovations increasing accessibility for construction stakeholders to participate in modern digital delivery practices such as e-Ticketing.

BOSTON, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HaulHub Technologies, the nation’s leader in providing digital tools to manage all aspects of the construction materials supply chain, announced today the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a notice of allowance for its patent application, serial number 17/513,745. This patent application is directed to the use of a digital chain of custody system for construction materials that is resilient to wireless connectivity disruption.

State transportation agencies nationwide are leading the charge to implement e-Ticketing as a standard operating procedure on construction job sites across the United States. However, the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) estimates that 68% of the nation’s lane miles are in rural areas, often the same areas which lack reliable cell phone coverage, ensuring operational connectivity is still a massive challenge and prevents technology adoption.

"DOT field staff need a reliable solution they can use under any circumstance. Even job sites with 5G phone service still lose internet access from time to time,” said Joe Spinelli, HaulHub’s CEO and Founder. HaulHub’s DOTslip application, the premier, white-labeled mobile app for State Departments of Transportation nationwide, relies on the newly allowed patent application to ensure that the inspector can accept, reject, and record quality information or other load details without reliance on internet connectivity, allowing the project to continue seamlessly.

"A paper ticket works because it physically rides with the material. e-Ticketing is an exciting technological development however we cannot consider this a success if DOT staff are forced to leave the job site to download an e-Ticket when a load of construction materials is right in front of them." said Spinelli. "e-Ticketing solutions without this technology will struggle to gain widespread adoption because leaving the job site is counterproductive to the field inspection staff’s duties."

HaulHub’s technology ensures that industry participants have an easily accessible, reliable, and cost-effective solution that works on all job sites. The newly allowed patent application more specifically covers the ability for any information about the load to be used to reconcile the work performed by the inspector into the chain of custody for construction materials. This innovation goes beyond connectivity issues, as it also directly aligns industry participants with Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) objectives and guidelines for using e-Tickets as source records for payment on Federally funded projects.

The team at HaulHub Technologies is committed to investing in innovative, forward-thinking solutions and novel methods to reduce the barriers to entry of modern e-Construction practices for the construction materials supply chain. The underlying technology covered by the newly allowed patent application is designed to work in tandem with the technology behind US Patent No. 11,210,635 to provide simple, inexpensive, and intuitive options for supply chain stakeholders to participate.


Joe Spinelli, a visionary in information technology and construction operations, founded HaulHub in 2016 with the purpose of providing the digital tools necessary to manage all aspects of the construction materials supply chain. The company’s mission is to build simple and elegant applications to enhance the safety, productivity, and quality of our nation’s infrastructure projects. Working in collaboration with state transportation agencies, construction material producers, and contractors nationwide, HaulHub rapidly develops and deploys solutions to accelerate the journey to full digital project delivery across the transportation construction sector.

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