GoDocs Publishes “Construction Loan Issues Guide for the Commercial Loan Market”

IRVINE, Calif., March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GoDocs, a leader in commercial loan document automation for the commercial real estate industry today released a "Construction Loan Issues Guide for the Commercial Loan Market" (https://godocs.com/guide-to-commercial-loan-issues-for-the-commercial-loan-market/). This guide provides a comprehensive look at current market conditions for construction lenders and details the potential pitfalls associated with commercial construction lending. This is a must-have reference for anyone looking to capitalize on the expanding construction loan market while also mitigating risks. "Construction lending can present a minefield of potential risks for lenders, however, all of which can be addressed and reduced by careful loan documentation and disciplined project oversight," notes GoDocs Senior Counsel, Ren R Hayhurst.

Looking forward, 2022 will be marked by an increase in commercial real estate projects as developers work to meet the growing demand for new housing. Following the 2020 recession, housing inventory reached historic lows, resulting in high rental and sales prices across the country. With a more stable economy and a scarcity of housing inventory, developers are preparing to provide a variety of housing solutions.

Securing commercial real estate loans for these development projects and protecting the interests of all parties involved can be complicated; however, it is entirely possible to address the risks faced by construction lenders with the right strategies in place. That is why this guide from GoDocs is such a valuable resource.

"We are seeing major shifts in the real estate market and 2022 will be ripe with growth. As a leader in the commercial real estate industry that has always worked to stay at the forefront and provide cutting-edge solutions, our guide is just another way to support both lenders and developers," says GoDocs CEO, Stephen Butler.

As commercial real estate development projects heat up over the coming months, GoDocs’ "Construction Loan Issues Guide for the Commercial Loan Market" will serve as a go-to reference to help navigate the construction lending process.

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