Florida Law Firm, Easler Law, Launches QuickDeeds.com, an Online Legal Service Providing Attorney-Prepared Deeds

MELBOURNE, Fla., Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Easler Law PLLC has launched an online legal services platform titled QuickDeeds.com, an eCommerce site built for consumers who are becoming more and more reliant on online services in the era of digitization.

QuickDeeds.com marries the convenience and affordability of virtual services with the peace of mind of expert, individualized legal advice. Consumers start by selecting the deed they believe is necessary and then schedule a virtual, one-on-one consultation with an experienced real estate attorney. The attorney will then review the facts and circumstances of the transaction to ensure the right deed or document is selected, draft and deliver the document based on individualized responses, and provide detailed instructions on how to execute and record it.

Andrew Easler, entrepreneur and managing attorney of Easler Law explains, "The business idea of starting and running QuickDeeds.com, a digital-only legal service for real estate deeds and title came after I saw how many life-changing and costly errors clients made when they used template forms or fill-in-the-blank, non-lawyer websites. In my opinion, these non-lawyer websites give consumers a false sense of security. In many cases, it is only later, when these consumers are refinancing, selling, or transferring title do they find out that they chose the wrong form or executed the legal document incorrectly."

Many state courts have expressed concern over access to the delivery of legal services despite increased market demand. Some, like the Florida Supreme Court, have even established special committees to determine how best the legal industry can adapt to meet these needs.

Andrew Easler believes QuickDeeds.com can help, indicating, "We’ve done well since Easler Law launched in May of 2021, and while we offer both traditional and virtual services to our clients, our virtual legal services have been well received by an underserved market. This is why our long term strategy includes building a national, completely virtual legal services business for not only QuickDeeds.com but for our other services and brands, too."

QuickDeeds.com launched its Beta site in September, 2021 serving clients in Florida and has ambitions to expand nationwide by the end of 2024. Easler Law has four additional brands preparing to launch including: OpinionLetters.com, LienLady.com, EvictionLady.com, and the relaunch of BusinessHelp.com in 2022.

James Timothy White, who acts as the Global Director of Special Projects, said, "I have worked with Andrew in many capacities over the past several years, and QuickDeeds.com has been my most exciting project thus far. I look forward to using my talents to take QuickDeeds.com national and to disrupting the traditional law office model."

About Easler Law

Easler Law was founded in 2021 by ambitious attorney, Andrew David Easler, is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, and employs attorneys experienced in real estate, including deeds and title insurance, estate planning, securities, and international business.

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