Flo Offers Unique Financing Solutions to the Construction and Building Industry

SAN FRANCISCO, April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Flo is a new financing solution for emerging companies, offering fast, flexible, and cost-effective financing solutions for growing businesses. Young companies need money available to take advantage of circumstances when they arise. In the construction and building world, if you don’t have the capital to take on a project—and that means hiring a crew, making payroll, and bringing in the supplies and equipment you need to get going—someone else will take the bid. You have worked too hard to risk missing out on a golden opportunity.

Flo can help, by providing you with the means to access funding when you need it without relinquishing ownership. Flo offers your business a way to obtain financing with or without collateral, and often at single-digit rates.

In addition to finding our customers the best rates for the financing vehicle they choose, Flo leverages our relationships with high-quality lenders so that we can move quickly, providing our entrepreneurial clients with the ability to stay focused on their business. We can often generate a decision or term sheet within just 1-2 business days and close on your funds within a week.

With financing designed to work in synchronization with the typical cash flow of a construction and building industry project, you can keep the contractors at the levels you need, maintain materials for upcoming milestones, and accept attractive projects without wondering where you will get the start-up funds.

How to structure the financing depends on your goals and your preference. We can work with collateral, with project financing, with accounts receivable backing, or with a credit line. It’s up to you. Co-Founder Ryan Ridgway emphasized Flo’s commitment to combining agility with ethics, saying, “We only prosper when our customers do. We want to partner with the companies we serve, not take advantage of them. Luckily, it turns out that ethics is profitable.”

Flo’s consultants can help the entrepreneur choose the best option for their needs at each stage of the journey. Our team understands the cash flow cycles and accounts receivable issues that challenge even the most successful growth journey.

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