First “No Kill” Fertilizer Now Available for Direct Purchase

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — After a very successful pre-launch through the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo, Johnny Appleseed Organic officially launched their newest product, ClimateGard™, the first no kill, premium, all-purpose, organic fertilizer with sustainable packaging, on their website direct to consumers just in time for Earth Day on April 22, 2021. Customers can now purchase individual bags or set up a subscription-based service at

The website will remain a leading resource for home gardeners and small farms interested in learning more about Climate Farming™. In addition, the website will continue selling the Johnny Appleseed Authentic™ Alego Apple Tree –a piece of American History grafted from the last known tree planted by John Chapman.

A complete fertilizer that replaces multiple plant nutrition products, ClimateGard starts at $39.95 per bag with free shipping. For a limited time, Johnny Appleseed Organic is offering a subscribe and save program at 10% off MSRP, as well as 20% off the first purchase using code ‘CLIMATEGARD TAKE20’. 

ClimateGard was designed for climate conscious gardeners, small farmers and home gardeners who care about the earth, where their food comes from, and want to aid in climate change reversal. Most organic fertilizers derive their nutrients from inedible slaughterhouse and fishery material like bone meal, feather meal and fish emulsion. ClimateGard’s no kill formula sources essential micronutrients, humic acid, silica, living bacteria and fungi from the most ethical, sustainable sources available. ClimateGard’s blend of solar processed poultry manure, fossilized seabird guano, bat guano and sunflower hull ash provides essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium in their most bioavailable forms. 
ClimateGard also offers sustainable packing and is delivered in an organic cotton bag with a compostable inner liner. By relying on reusable pallets made of recycled plastics, Johnny Appleseed Organic is doing their part to cut down any contribution to the waste stream. In addition, the Johnny Appleseed Organic website’s Climate Farm Channel and social media channels (such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook) are great driving forces for sharing useful content in a variety of areas including how to repurpose the ClimateGard product bag for household items such as oven mitts, aprons, and more.

ClimateGard is the first and only organic fertilizer scientifically designed to supercharge the soil-building effects of Climate Farming™. Every fertilizer pellet contains a synergistic blend of micronutrients, living bacteria and fungi, to form the most complete plant and soil health package on the market. ClimateGard’s™ ingredients are derived from ethical and environmentally friendly sources, the unique formula combines all the amendments used in Climate Farming into a single, convenient package.
Every product purchased directly funds the Climate Farming operation at the Johnny Appleseed Organic Village, located near the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia. Johnny Appleseed is dedicated to being a resource for anyone wanting to convert their garden or farm into a carbon-guzzling oasis.
Using the product alongside the practice of Climate Farming, Johnny Appleseed Organic aims to revolutionize the growing of delicious, nutritious, chemical-free food while promoting environmental well-being. ClimateGard is more than a great fertilizer, it is a part of a bigger cause to battle climate change and alter the conventional agriculture growing practices through Climate Farming. Based on existing research, climate scientists estimate that an acre of Climate Farmed land can sequester as much atmospheric carbon annually as a healthy forest of the same size. Climate Farming differs from many organic farms because it doesn’t use the same ecologically harmful growing practices that result in uncontrolled runoff, depleted topsoil, and the deconstruction of animal habitats.

Johnny Appleseed Organic operates a sustainable living development near Folkston, GA, where they pioneer the next step in the organic food revolution called Climate Farming™. Combining best practices from permaculture, syntropic planting and regenerative agriculture, they are creating a new way to grow great-tasting, healthy produce while simultaneously improving the environment. The Johnny Appleseed Organic Village is nestled within the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Surrounded by tumbling Spanish moss and towering longleaf pine trees, we are constantly reminded of the important role sustainable agriculture plays in protecting vulnerable ecosystems. Their most recent development is the launch of ClimateGard™, the first ever “no kill” sustainable fertilizer created to facilitate Climate Farming™. For more information, visit their website or follow along on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

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