Father of Real Estate Syndication, Samuel K. Freshman, Launches Personalized Workshop June 16-17

New Virtual Workshop Opens Access to Proven High-Level Executive Strategies for Real Estate Syndicators

LOS ANGELES, June 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Samuel K. Freshman, widely regarded as the ‘Father of Real Estate Syndication’ and author of the seminal book "Principles of Real Estate Syndication," is launching an innovative new workshop teaching investors how to achieve success and generate returns through real estate syndication. 

The Principles of Real Estate Syndication Workshop, to be held virtually via Zoom over two focused days on June 16th and 17th, is tailored for new and experienced syndicators to build the basis for stable, long-term careers in real estate syndication.

Freshman was a pioneering force in real estate syndication in the 1950s. He is a Stanford Law alumnus with more than six decades of experience in real estate syndication and is the owner, founder, and chairman of Standard Management Company, established in 1962. Freshman has lectured and written extensively on real estate financing and syndication and has participated as a general partner in countless real estate syndications valued at over a billion dollars cumulatively.

Drawn from Freshman’s book, the workshop will cover all the considerations and aspects involved in building a syndication empire, including upfront planning, team building, asset and legal entity selection, fundraising strategies, compliance, and much more. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions specific to their projects and areas of interest.

Delivering maximum value, insight, and real-time feedback on the participants’ proposed and in-progress deals, the workshop will be hosted by active syndicator and trainer, Abel Pacheco, and esteemed legal expert, author, and trainer in syndication, Kim Lisa Taylor, Esq.

Successful syndications require sponsors to be skilled in developing viable, legitimate strategies to formulate their approach, build a team, and create a workable, bespoke plan to break into real estate syndication with the proper footing and support. The workshop is a convenient and affordable opportunity for syndicators to get the one-on-one education and framework required to ensure a strong start and avoid the myriad pitfalls inherent to the industry. The online format eliminates the need to spend significant funds on travel and accommodations and reduces the overall time commitment.

The workshop was developed by Knowledge Pop and Creative Real Estate Copy in conjunction with Samuel K. Freshman. Freshman and other members of the development team are available for interviews.

Registration is open now at the early-enrollment fee of $750 through June 8th, 2022, with special rates for multiple attendees.

For more information, visit: https://LearnToSyndicate.com/

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