Everywhere® Is on a Mission to Reinvent How Homes Are Built in the Future

PARK CITY, Utah, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Everywhere believes that the future of home construction for the end user could be almost as simple as adding items to an online shopping cart from any device. They’re now inviting Builders all over the United States, to join them on their journey of simplifying the building process.

Founder, Brand Winnie took the idea of modernizing the classic a-frame cabin from the 60s and 70s and brought it to life. The initial visuals of the interior renderings posted to Instagram went viral with over 23,000 likes in 24 hours. Since then the Ayfraym has been a hit with nearly 1,000 customers purchasing plans to build one at some point in the near future. Hence the need for a strong Builder network.

This is where the Everywhere platform comes into play as it creates a scalable software solution for new home construction. Realizing the popularity of the Ayfraym was national and even global — with much of the interest beyond the United States, the Everywhere team knew they had to develop a system that allowed General Contractors in any region to help scale the production. Adding to the need is two decades of underbuilding that has occurred in the United States with an implied cumulative housing demand-supply gap of an estimated 6.8 million units.

Currently, the team is focused solely on pre-construction efforts so Builder partners aren’t wasting time focusing on sales or marketing. With the unique, well-designed homes Everywhere offers, combined with a strong social media following and software to manage the process, the Builders that partner with Everywhere can simply focus on what they do best; building.

Everywhere is opening up its platform to welcome all General Contractors that realize the landscape is rapidly changing and are innovative enough to try something new. The partnership is transparent and simple. A $6,995 flat fee per build + the ability for the Builder to become the ‘GC of record’ in their county with exclusive rights to construction there. This partnership includes all of the time a Contractor would normally spend on marketing, advertising, communications and prep work and puts that all into the hands of Everywhere. The Client now comes ready and vetted with land, either cash or a pre-approval from their bank, and a complete set of stamped construction drawings, ready for permitting.

Since launching the software this summer, over 100 user signups per week are happening and Everywhere says they’re close to 1,000 users in their system, prepping to build their home designs at some point in the next year or two.

If you’d like to join the Everywhere platform as a Builder Partner, you can fill out their sign up form at the following link: https://everywhereco.com/builders/


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