Eos Group Releases Eos Cortex 365 Project History Tool for Small and Mid-Size Building Industry

DENVER, Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Eos Group is proud to announce the release today of Eos Cortex 365, a benchmarking, conceptual estimating, and trend analysis software solution for the small and mid-size architecture, engineering, construction, and owner (AEC/O) industry. Eos Cortex 365 draws on the company’s 25+ year history in the AEC/O market to bring the firm’s highly successful project history and benchmarking platform to the small and mid-size business (SMB) sector for the first time.

Eos Cortex 365 is a cloud-based project history solution that turns historical data into a strategic corporate asset by allowing users to quickly and easily develop benchmarking studies and defensible initial project budgets. Designed on a multi-layer big data and predictive analytics framework, the solution is on track to become a game-changer for the preconstruction industry.

“In our highly competitive construction market, those who respond earliest with the most credible answer will have a competitive advantage. Cortex 365 will allow small and mid-size construction industry businesses, and facilities portfolio operators, to analyze and develop project budgets with the effectiveness that our longtime enterprise-scale clients have experienced,” said Nick Papadopoulos, the CEO of Eos Group.

The Eos Cortex 365 platform will enhance building planning and design processes by quickly analyzing relationships between historical systems, quantities, and costs. It will also enable validation of third-party estimates and budgets from contractor and consulting partners, serving as the central repository of all estimated and actual historical project cost data.

Eos Cortex Project History, an indispensable tool for owners, general contractors, and cost estimating and project management consulting firms, functions as the backend of the Eos Cortex 365 platform. Eos Cortex Project History has already made waves in the building and facilities industry and serves as a key resource for some of the largest engineering and construction firms across the globe.

“The Cortex system is very clean, and easy to implement, operated easily by engineering professionals without formal technology training or experience in the software side of our industry,” said Pete Bredehoeft, a cost estimating leader with 30+ years of experience. “Our team utilized the system globally, across several different building categories, and delivered incredible success thanks to this tool. I am confident that Eos’s new Cortex 365 solution will be an invaluable addition to those businesses operating at the smaller scale of the construction sector.”

Eos Cortex 365 provides a rich launch configuration that makes it easy to publish historical projects within a few hours. It can also be configured to meet each company’s data standards without the need for corporate IT systems staff.

To learn more about the new Eos Cortex 365 project history solution, visit www.eosgroup.com/eos-cortex.

ABOUT EOS GROUP Eos Group is a professional services and software development firm with a 25+ year legacy of delivering benchmarking, cost estimating, and preconstruction solutions to the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. The company is backed by experienced estimators, engineers, and project managers and has provided groundbreaking results to nearly 80% of the ENR Top 400 firms. Eos has also served countless Fortune 1000 companies and US Federal Agencies, successfully implementing over 2,000 systems since its founding. To learn more, please visit www.eosgroup.com or follow the firm on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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