Dynamic Infrastructure’s Defect-Detection AI Reaches Near Engineering Level Bridge Assessments

NEW YORK and BERLIN, March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dynamic Infrastructure completed a controlled assessment of its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that detected defects on bridges around the world. Bridges from Florida and Maryland, Australia and Sweden were analyzed by the company’s AI platform for AASHTO defects. The outcome was compared to inspections carried out by certified engineers and the results were nothing less than groundbreaking – nearly 91% of true defects and over 99% of defects categorized as condition state 3 and 4, were detected in just a fraction (0.05%) of the time it would take trained engineers.

“The new generation of our AI capabilities allows us to break previous boundaries to support engineers with effective and credible AI technology. We proved that thousands of images can be automatically analyzed, making them available for final validation by engineers in minutes, not days or weeks,” noted Alon Oring, Dynamic Infrastructure’s AI head. “During the controlled assessment, we analyzed photos of concrete and steel bridges of various ages and in different climate conditions. Our detection model proved to be robust and consistent.

“Our any-source analysis capabilities, together with the platform’s automatic historical comparisons, enables us to track every defect throughout its history. Quantifying risk and understanding evolving deterioration are now much easier through digital and visual accessibility of asset images. Inventory managers should not think twice before uploading any number of photos to the system. We know how to quickly and accurately extract information, detect flaws and evaluate and manage risk.”

Dynamic Infrastructure is a market leader for multiple-source visual analysis in the civil-infrastructure world.

The amount of digital information captured throughout the lifetime of an asset is becoming a huge burden, instead of an opportunity, when decisions need to be made concerning asset inventories. With decades of engineering experience working for PPPs and DOTs, and with the power of artificial intelligence, Dynamic Infrastructure offers operation and maintenance managers a fast, accurate and trusted services platform to execute small or large digital tasks.

Headquartered in New York, NY, with offices in Germany and Israel, Dynamic Infrastructure facilitates the execution of digital jobs for bridges, dams, tunnels, walls and large civil infrastructures around the globe while meeting international and local standards and regulation.

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