Dottid Integrates Dottid Leasing and Asset Management with ARGUS® Cloud Platform

DALLAS, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dottid, the commercial real estate (CRE) SaaS technology platform for asset management and leasing transactions, announced its full integration of their Dottid and Altus Group Limited’s ARGUS® Cloud platforms. The first-of-its-kind integration will be released by Q2 of 2022 and will fundamentally transform property valuation and digital asset management for the commercial real estate industry by providing on-demand real-time asset valuations.

The platform integration will provide cloud-enabled ARGUS® Enterprise and Dottid customers with direct, real-time, and easy-to-access data that, until now, had to be maintained manually. The new platform connector will deliver tremendous efficiency and transparency, giving customers an advantage in an already highly competitive and volatile market.

"This is a first-of-its-kind integration in PropTech and will revolutionize how owners and operators manage real estate," said Dottid CEO and Founder Kyle Waldrep. "We are incredibly proud and excited to collaborate with Altus Group in creating a connector between Dottid and ARGUS®, providing customers with remarkable efficiency through immediate, real-time access to highly advantageous, applicable data. We are confident the newly formed partnership between both companies will lead to major structural change on how we make deals and approach commercial real estate for years to come."

"Dottid and ARGUS® Enterprise manage various connected processes within asset management, from valuation and acquisition to leasing and management," said Jorge Blanco, Chief Product Officer of Altus Group. "This type of integration solves for an industry-wide workflow challenge and will provide our customers with the ability to integrate ARGUS Enterprise cash flow and valuation data with Dottid’s leasing data. Through this integration, our customers will be able to make more efficient and informed data-driven decisions through the ability to view the impact of different leasing scenarios and deals on the valuation of their assets in real-time."

Dottid’s unique, custom platform was introduced in January of 2020 after years of input from CRE leasing and asset management professionals. It is the first and only platform to track every moment of a leasing transaction. Dottid has introduced two new custom products this year: Dottid Industrial and Dottid Retail. Both software extensions are specially designed for each asset class, providing customers with a set of exceptional, distinct new features.

About Dottid: Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Dottid provides a digital process management solution that drives commercial real estate leasing transactions designed by and for CRE professionals. Dottid aims to revolutionize the CRE industry through the use of technology and streamlining the leasing transaction process, allowing owners, brokers, and tenants to close more deals faster and with lower costs, ultimately creating a better customer experience for the tenant.

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