Diablo/Freud Tools Wins Two 2023 Company Workplace Awards Both Nationally and in Atlanta

ATLANTA, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Diablo/Freud Tools, which offers a solution-oriented range of best-in-the-world, best-for-our-world products for the professional user, woodworker, and industrialist, has earned two exciting awards showcasing the company’s commitment to its employees: the Top Workplace Award among manufacturers, given by Energage, LLC, and a Best Places to Work award from Atlanta Business Chronicle.

For the national Top Workplace Award, winners are chosen based on an anonymous employee survey that measures 15 different aspects of workplace culture including connection, alignment, and execution. Diablo/Freud Tools finished 13th of 60 companies awarded in the 150-499 employee headcount category. The Top Workplaces national awards are open to all companies with over 150 U.S. employees. Over the past year, more than 42,000 companies were invited to compete for different Top Workplaces national awards and on average, fewer than 3% of eligible companies earn a Top Workplace distinction. This is the first Top Workplaces award Diablo/Freud Tools has participated in.

Each year, Atlanta Business Chronicle names the Best Places to Work in Atlanta based on employee-submitted nominations and surveys conducted by Quantum Workplace. The publication received nearly 270 nominations for this year’s competition, and Diablo/Freud Tools ranked 20th out of 25 companies selected in the 100-499 employee headcount category. Quantum Workplace ranked Diablo/Freud Tools based on employee engagement and feedback regarding how much employees feel the company provides a caring, collaborative, and growth-oriented environment. This is the first Best Places to Work award Diablo/Freud Tools has participated in.

“I am beyond excited for Diablo/Freud Tools to be recognized for a great work environment both nationally and locally,” said Russell Kohl, President and CEO of Diablo/Freud Tools. “To have our employees give such positive feedback in not just one, but two, anonymous surveys means the world to me as a leader. Diablo/Freud Tools strives to lead with our motto of ‘People First,’ and these awards are a testament to how our company is doing so. Diablo/Freud Tools employs the BEST people in the industry, and we value their knowledge, hard work, and dedication while empowering them to continue to strive and grow in their careers.”

Diablo/Freud Tools Best in the World and Best for Our World culture steers the organization to be the best in everything we do. If you are interested in joining the best, visit www.diablotools.com/careers to apply today.

About Diablo/Freud Tools
Diablo/Freud Tools are the industry-leading manufacturers of premium cutting tools, abrasives and power tool accessories. Diablo Tools leads the way in the making of technologically advanced power tool accessories for the professional contractor, remodeler and other like-minded experts in its field, enhancing both quality and proficiency of the users craft; while Freud Tools is specialized for the elite woodworker and industrialist, continuing to break barriers in the creation of high-quality tools for precision, safety and user enhancement. Diablo/Freud Tools are the only manufacturers of cutting tools in the world that produces their own MicroGrain Carbide with titanium, called TiCo™, a high-density combination of titanium and cobalt, and Cermet II, a ceramic and metallic tooth blend for extreme, cool cuts in metal applications. By producing their own carbide and Cermet, Diablo/Freud Tools has the unique ability to design each product to deliver maximum results in specific applications, thereby maximizing the cutting life and performance of the tool. Diablo/Freud’s full line of high-quality tools includes saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, SDS-Plus and SDS-Max hammer drill bits, hole saws, self-feed bits, impact step bits, spade and auger bits, router bits, forstner bits, hole saws, bonded and coated abrasives, shaper cutters and more.

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