Designer Augustina Liu’s Work Won DNA Paris Design Awards 2023

NEW YORK, Nov. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ArtsBerry supported designer Augustina (Ao) Liu has won the prestigious DNA Paris Design Awards 2023. The DNA Paris Design Awards honors designs in the disciplines of Architecture, Interior design, Landscape Design, Graphic Design and Products design awarding the best designers worldwide. The DNA Paris Design Awards are organized by Farmani Group and In Between. Farmani Group was established in 1985, and is the organizer of International Design Awards (IDA), Architecture MasterPrize (AMP), European Product Design Awards (EPDA), Prix de la Photographie in Paris (PX3), London International Creative Awards (LICC), International Photography Awards (IPA) and the Annual Lucie Awards for Photography, which has emerged as one of the world’s most prestigious photography awards. In Between is a Paris-based collective of thinkers and makers that come together to create fresh things where you wouldn’t expect. From launching the fashion brand supermarket paris from scratch, to building and designing a rooftop or producing various content and documentaries, the think tank pushes the boundaries of what having a multi-disciplinary mindset means.

In the DNA Paris Design Awards of this year, Ms. Liu’s design masterpiece, Wynd Sentry by Wynd Technologies, clinched the prestigious Winner title in the Product Design/Media & Home Electronics category. Wynd Sentry is a comprehensive solution to protect rental properties from smoking and loud parties, along with its patented and cutting-edge technologies. The Wynd Sentry stands out as the world’s first comprehensive solution designed to safeguard rental properties from smoking and disruptive parties. At its core is a unique hardware device featuring patented AirID technology, capable of accurately detecting various types of smoke, including cigarette, marijuana, and cigar smoke. Additionally, it monitors noise levels to proactively prevent disruptive gatherings. Launched last year, Wynd Sentry is now available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Since its introduction, Wynd Sentry has demonstrated its commercial impact, generating substantial Annual Recurring Revenue for Wynd Technologies. This success underscores its effectiveness and market acceptance as a valuable tool for property owners seeking comprehensive protection and enhanced peace of mind.

About the Designer Augustina Liu
Augustina (Ao) Liu is an acclaimed designer based in Seattle, WA, renowned for her award-winning contributions to the design realm. A dedicated product/UX designer, Ms. Liu firmly believes in the transformative power of design, advocating for its empowerment and inclusivity. Currently serving as the Marketing Director at the Interaction Design Association in Seattle, she actively mentors junior designers, delivers compelling speeches at design events, and conducts workshops to inspire and uplift fellow designers.

Ms. Liu’s exceptional design projects have garnered international acclaim, receiving prestigious awards such as the UX Design Awards 2023, DNA Paris Awards, Creative Communication Awards, London Design Awards, Muse Creative Awards, Best Brand Awards, CES Innovation Awards, and Titan Health Awards. Furthermore, Ms. Liu has showcased her scholarly pursuits with two publications at the 2022 CHI Conference titled “Exploring Interactive Sound Design for Auditory Websites” and CSCW 2021’s “Social Media through Voice: Synthesized Voice Qualities and Self-presentation.”

Ana Tsiung

SOURCE Artsberry Inc.