CREtelligent Announces New Suite of Environmental Screening Tools

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — today announced the addition of two new environmental screening tools to its suite of commercial real estate solutions. Adding to its highly popular EnviroPreScreen (EPS), an aerial map and risk rating report generated in under 30 seconds, the new tools provide additional insight into environmental points of interest found on or around a property. 

The new EPS Advanced includes the aerial map and risk rating, but also provides an easy to interpret regulatory database report for all moderate and elevated environmental issues identified. The EPS Pro Insight includes the risk rating, maps and database report but also provides a review and recommendations from a CREtelligent Environmental Professional to set the next course of action. The EPS Suite of screening tools are a cost-effective way to get property insights early in a real estate transaction and set next step actions, whether you are a lender, corporation, broker or investor.

“We understand that some projects are fairly straight forward. There may be no risky past NAICS codes, or maybe the property is in a very rural location,” said Anthony Romano, CEO of CREtelligent. “However, some require a deeper form of upfront screening to set the next best course of action. We listened to our clients, and that’s why we are introducing these two additional solutions,” said Romano.

Romano said the EnviroPreScreen Suite addresses a longstanding pain point in the commercial real estate industry — when a deal is disrupted or delayed because an environmental issue comes up after a loan is well into underwriting, or a site has made the shortlist of acquisitions. “Understanding property conditions early on to set expectations and next steps helps to keep transactions on schedule, and all stakeholders happy,” said Romano.  

The EPS Advanced report, generated in under 10 minutes, dives deeper by providing additional regulatory data on identified environmental points of interest. Installation and removal dates, spill/release dates, and statuses such as No Further Action, or under remediation are passed on in this report when such information is made available by the regulatory agencies that contribute to the database.

EPS Pro Insight, available in less than one business day, includes all the information included in the Advanced report, but also includes a thorough review and recommendations from a qualified Environmental Professional (EP). The EP renders an opinion of the best course of due diligence based on their interpretation of the Advance report.

The EPS Suite is available on CREtelligent’s Radius platform, the “one-stop” CRE due diligence application that offers environmental pre-screening to Phase I & IIs, valuation, property condition assessments, flood verification reports and other insights and expertise for lenders and corporate entities. 

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CREtelligent opened its doors more than five-years-ago as eScreenLogic, a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) environmental due diligence firm focused on desktop, RSRA, Phase I, and Phase II site assessments and reporting for commercial lenders, insurance companies, and brokers. The company has grown quickly and market demand for a “one-stop” CRE due diligence platform that offers more than environmental expertise for lenders and corporate entities has become clear. As a result, we’ve expanded to offer not only our full-service Environmental reporting but Valuation, Flood, Full Portfolio Assets Risk Monitoring and a number of other “Platform-as-a-Service” offerings too.

We are building the tools that you need to face the new markets we all find ourselves in today. This unique innovation-based approach enables our clients to make fast, accurate, and intelligent commercial real estate transaction decisions faster and simpler than ever before.

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