CREtelligent Adds Climate Risk Report for Commercial Properties

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — today announced the addition of a climate risk assessment report for commercial properties to its suite of commercial real estate due diligence solutions. Through a partnership with ClimateCheck, a San Francisco, CA PropTech company, CREtelligent now delivers climate risk assessments for commercial properties that applies the latest advancements in climate modeling and related data sets to help commercial real estate professionals and property owners to better understand how climate may impact commercial property valuations, opportunities, and risks. 

"A new consciousness over climate risk is making its way to the forefront of commercial real estate," said Anthony Romano, CEO of CREtelligent. "Lenders, owners, and investors are all beginning to consider climate in their allocations, investment strategies, even site selection. Our strategy has always been to help CRE professionals better manage property level risks, and this addition keeps us aligned with the future needs of the market."

Romano said ClimateCheck offers highly advanced climate-modeling methodology and data sets for flood, fire, drought, storm, and more. The data and methodology used in producing the ClimateCheck Report includes aggregating and distilling 30-global climate models, from peer-reviewed government and academic sources, into an easy-to-understand risk assessment. The result is a rating from 0-100 that measures how resilient a property is to climate change over the next 5-30 years.

Romano said the ClimateCheck reports are available nationwide and can be used on a single property or an entire portfolio. "Anyone holding real estate assets over a period of time should be looking at climate data as it presents real risk," he said, adding that the recent increase and magnitude of wildfires as an example.

The ClimateCheck reports are available on RADIUS, CREtelligent’s cloud-based "Platform-as-a-Service" that allows you to order, receive, and archive environmental reports, valuations, property condition assessments, zoning reports, land surveys and more all on one secure platform.

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CREtelligent opened its doors more than six years ago as eScreenLogic, a Commercial Real Estate (CRE) environmental due diligence firm focused on desktop, RSRA, Phase I, and Phase II site assessments and reporting for commercial lenders, insurance companies, and brokers. The company has grown quickly and market demand for a "one-stop" CRE due diligence platform that offers more than environmental expertise for lenders and corporate entities has become clear. As a result, we’ve expanded to offer not only our full-service Environmental reporting but Valuation, Flood, Full Portfolio Asset Risk Monitoring and a number of other "Platform-as-a-Service" offerings too.

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