CRE Veteran Disrupts CRM

LOS ANGELES, June 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CRE industry veteran Rick Peltz has launched software and CRM company Foundry, the world’s fastest, most intuitive commercial real estate CRM.

Foundry has successfully completed beta testing and is offering its meticulously engineered platform to meet the specific needs of your CRE company. The software is crafted from the ground up by a CRE industry veteran and his team to support the heart and soul of any CRE business: The Mighty Broker.

Peltz is on a continuing mission to disrupt the commercial real estate niche and save the top CRE companies millions of dollars. Peltz spent nearly twenty years as a Chief Information Officer with CRE brand Marcus & Millichap.

Foundry is the first and only CRE enterprise software solution that you own, complete with deal, property, CRM and prospecting management. Unlike all other CRM solutions, there is no service contract and there are no recurring subscription fees. It is uniquely and specifically designed for the CRE niche, easy to navigate and extremely user friendly. 

Peltz explains that with Foundry’s CRM software, it’s really simple. You pay and own the software up front and it’s a done deal. Signing contracts and leasing CRM software the traditional way was and still is a drain on the bottom line.

"The nickel & diming and endless subscription fees turns into thousands quickly. He challenges CEOs, board members and senior staff to sit down with their CFO and ask candidly what CRM fees have been paid in the last five years," Peltz said.

"Buying your software up front is a significant expense, no question. However, it’s a capital investment and the end result is – it’s paid off; you own the software and all the data."

"Subsequently, in two years or less your company will reap the ROI, " said Peltz. This is a guarantee made by Foundry.

"We fully anticipate becoming the new standard and leader in the CRE space. In our future, brokerages will be unconstrained from expensive contracts and unnecessary commitments," added Peltz. 

Foundry essentially empowers brokerages and agents to own their solution and redirect their resources to a capital investment adding profits to their coffers. 

What Foundry provides companies:

  • Complete Ownership of CRM; No Contract; No Fees
  • Enormous Annual Savings
  • An easy-to-use user application interface designed for CRE
  • A platform for deal management, property & CRM
  • Complete pipeline status management
  • Detailed reports in real-time
  • 24/7 – Customer Service & Troubleshooting

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