Concert, Reusable Ear Plugs Brand Discusses Hearing Protection & Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

WASHINGTON, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — EarPeace is leading the industry in ear protection with its concert ear plugs designed to deliver crisp, clear sound at a safe volume. Since 2010, the small team of musicians, creatives, inventors and adventurers set out to create a hearing protection product that could improve the loud, live music experience. The brand has expertly designed professional-grade, high-fidelity ear plugs that exceed the exacting standards of performing artists.

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The company provides a startling fact: 20% of people are affected by hearing loss globally. “We are exposed to all sorts of sounds every single day — from headphones and traffic to lawnmowers and power tools. Normally, we hear these external sources at safe levels that don’t negatively impact our hearing. But when we are exposed to harmful noise — sounds that are too loud or loud sounds that last a long time — we risk permanent damage,” explains Jay Clark, founder and CEO of EarPeace.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) occurs when the ears are exposed to harmful noise. The risk of hearing damage can be measured in two ways: how loud and how long. Just one loud sound above 120 decibels can cause immediate harm to the ears; however, continuous exposure to 85 decibels can be harmful over time. As a result, the sensitive structures in the inner ear can be damaged, causing NIHL. These sensitive structures, called hair cells, are small sensory cells that convert sound energy into electrical signals that travel to the brain. Once damaged, the hair cells cannot grow back. “In other words, if you overuse it, you lose it,” Clark comments.

For those wondering about an easy way to know if noise exposure has been too much, Clark says, “If your experience leaves your ears ringing or dulls your hearing sense, you’ve been listening to something that’s too loud or for too long without proper hearing protection.”

Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. Temporary hearing loss can be unpleasant, often like constant pressure in the ear, experiencing muffled sounds, dizziness, loss of balance or tinnitus. Although temporary hearing loss can clear up within a few hours to a day, regular or prolonged noise exposure can cause gradual, irreversible damage to the sensory cells, leading to permanent hearing loss.   

The company offers the following suggestions to decrease the chance of NIHL:

  • Avoid or limit exposure to excessively loud sounds.
  • Turn down the volume of music systems.
  • Move away from the source of loud sounds when possible.
  • Use hearing protection devices when it is not feasible to avoid exposure to loud sounds or reduce them to a safe level.

The EarPeace concert ear plugs set comes with three filter pairs that provide between 17 to 23 decibels noise reduction. Made with premium silicone, concert ear plugs have a dual flange design that gently seals the ear with no hard edges and are 100% reusable. The small, low profile design makes them discreet and provides a fit similar to custom molded ear plugs for comfortable wear for extended periods. A super-premium, milled aluminum carrying/storage case is included, complete with two chambers and a keychain clip for easy transportation while keeping the ear plugs safe and clean.

Those interested in learning more about EarPeace and its full range of products should visit the official company website or Amazon storefront.

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