Colleen MacCallum Gets Organized with RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software

VERO BEACH, Fla., Aug. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Colleen MacCallum, Co-Owner of EXIT Right Realty, uses RealtyJuggler, a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), to help manage her print and email marketing. "Because the listings are down, I like to personalize things as much as possible. Having my portrait in the email banner offered by RealtyJuggler really got me thinking about how important it is for my clients to be able to put a face to the name. I also personalize what I send based on the demographic."

Besides creating and sending mail-merge letters and emails, Colleen uses RealtyJuggler to track her leads and schedule touch tasks. "I’m very aggressive – I like to door knock and cold call and we train our agents to cold-call and become rejection-proof. Cold calling is the fastest way of getting in touch with a lot of people in the shortest amount of time. My goal is to get a certain number of appointments and I just keep calling until I get that target."

One of Colleen’s biggest regrets is that she didn’t start with RealtyJuggler sooner. "I should have done this from the get-go – but moving forward I can teach my new agents how imperative it is to use a CRM. I think most agents struggle with organization and following up with people and organizing their data. With RealtyJuggler it is easy to put people into categories and assign tasks – it is really hard to let a lead fall through the cracks with the way it is set up."

"I think a lot of agents are intimidated about how much they need to learn, especially new agents in the industry. RealtyJuggler simplifies that by having live technical support so readily available and then also having video tutorials at the bottom of nearly every screen. It is really user friendly."

About RealtyJuggler – RealtyJuggler is a cloud-based real estate software product for real estate agents and REALTORS. The software can be used for prospecting, touching past clients, transaction management and much more. It is multi-user and contains numerous features designed specifically for real estate, including transaction management, listing feedback, DRIP Letters, real-estate flyers, the ability to print mailing labels and much more.

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