Collectus® for Facility Owners Who Want BIM Data for FM & GIS Needs

WINDHAM, N.H., March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CDV Systems and 26 Degrees Software, makers of ViewAQC, are proud to announce a lecture and video on HARVESTING BIM for Facility Owners via Collectus.

The single source of truth for room and asset data for any building construction project should be found in the Building Information Models (BIMs) created by the project architectural, engineering, and contracting (AEC) consultants. This BIM data should be ideal for harvesting and populating any facility management & indoor GIS program for the operations and maintenance of the completed project. Unfortunately, these same AEC models are often shelved due to inconsistent data structure, duplicated elements between trades and non-standard part, data, and naming conventions.

This lecture presentation is provided by Cyril Verley RA, founder of CDV Systems & 26 Degrees Software, is titled: How Facility Owners Benefit from BIM. This lecture will explore a workflow called COLLECTUS which coordinates and validates BIM data structure across all AEC trades, streamlining HARVESTING BIM data for any CAFM, CMMS and GIS deliverable. Collectus standardizes data structure, naming conventions, part catalogues and provides QA/QC tools to validate the SINGLE source of truth. This lecture presentation will include case studies of harvested project BIM data to a variety of indoor FM & GIS programs. This workflow immediately benefits Facility Owners in their pursuit of HARVESTING BIM and requires minimal knowledge of BIM by the Facility Owners, alleviating their staff, budget, and time for BIM management.

Verley’s lecture is to be held at the National Facility Management & Technology Conference (NFMT 2023) at the Baltimore Convention Centre on March 21, 2023 @ 9:45am EST. To register, click this link:

To view the details of this lecture, click this link:–5069

If you are unable to attend the NFMT event but would like to register for live 45-minute presentation and view a partial video presentation, click this link: 

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