Collectus® BIM Standards Library Integrates BIM Execution Plan & Surpasses 36,000 Components

WINDHAM, N.H., Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CDV Systems and 26 Degrees Software, makers of ViewAQC, are proud to announce that Collectus, their cloud based, BIM Standards library package now includes an Integrated BIM Execution Plan (BEP) within Revit® 2020, 2021 and 2022 and has over 36,000+ online components (per version). Collectus is an all-disciplines Revit library of imperial and metric standards, components, graphics, and templates that are remotely managed and maintained across multiple Revit release years.

Collectus is the first of its kind to provide a commercially available BEP tied directly to a multi-trade BIM Library. The editable Collectus BEP defines the project-specific required BIM model and parameter data deliverables for all AEC BIM team members, through all phases of the work. From Pre-Design through SD, DD, and CD’s into Pre-Con, Construction, Post-Construction, and into Operations, the Collectus BEP can be viewed in an instant by all team members at any time during the project.   

The Collectus BEP shows all project-specific BIM responsibilities, dates for all scheduled recurring BIM team meetings, and dates of BIM deliverables. The Collectus BEP is a single, living document set available to all AEC+O BIM users at any time during their Revit project work, rather than sorting through multiple versions of stagnant, printed, or electronic documents stored in a folder on the network that may never be found by the end users who need it most.

As a remote BIM management library product for all disciplines, Collectus provides a clear BIM solution to Facility Owners and AEC firms overwhelmed with trying to introduce, create, and maintain BIM Standards internally. This Revit application is a documented set of best practice workflows and a BEP that defines multi-model, multi-discipline, BIM standard requirements and model deliverables for any Revit project.

Facility Owners using Collectus can also allow their AEC Consultant teams access to these BIM standards and BIM Execution Plan for their project design and documentation modeling needs:


Collectus provides two features which allow the AEC teams and Facility Owners the ability to review and validate the models to ensure model consistency, project uniformity and compliance with the BEP. The first is the Collectus "Audit" feature (see image above) which identifies and locates all non-compliant system, component, and annotation families. Audit can be run by all AEC+O team members at any time during any phase of the work to check for compliance.

Collectus for Facility Owners: click here.

Collectus for the AEC Market: click here.

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