CamerEye Introduces First Artificial Intelligence Smart Fence and Pool Safety Ecosystem for Faster Distress and Near-Drowning Detection to Help Save Lives

SAN DIEGO, March 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CamerEye(™) is reinventing swimming pool safety by introducing the first Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Pool Smart Fence and safety ecosystem to provide faster distress and near-drowning detection to help save lives.

Residential pool development has rapidly been growing since the pandemic. With pool fun comes safety issues.  There are more than 3,500 annual fatal unintentional drowning-related accidents in the U.S. alone and 15 percent more drowning related accidents have occurred since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Pool safety is coming under increasing regulatory scrutiny, with government regulatory standards and mandates requiring pool owners to have layers of pool safety and security. 

“We understand the problem of pool safety and the notion of distress and drowning using life-guarding principles, which can help us solve the problem in a much informed way,” says Sai Reddy, Founder and CEO of CamerEye, who was a competitive swimmer and holds a PhD in A.I. and data sciences.  “Drowning occurs in various stages.  CamerEye offers that layer of safety with very early stage detection when there is unauthorized entry around the pool’s perimeter with our A.I. Smart Fence and is able to detect early distress behavior using A. I. technology.”

The CamerEye A.I. Smart Fence and safety ecosystem for residential pools uses sophisticated and highly trained and adaptive artificial intelligent technology through overhead cameras.  CamerEye excels at eliminating or reducing false detections due to its human detection capabilities ruling out pool toys, leaves and non-human items.  It also offers faster and better distress detection alerts within 10 seconds, allowing for quicker critical response time.

CamerEye’s smart system empowers pool owners to:

  • MONITOR their pool 24/7 from home or anywhere on the phone, analyzes human activity in and around the pool and watches for distress events.
  • DETECT humans in or around the perimeter of the pool with the A.I. Smart Fence technology, which allows owners to customize the virtual fence and keep informed of activity around their pool at all times.
  • ALERT users within ten seconds of distress or near-drowning being detected in the pool through audible and configurable alerts and alarms on multiple platforms: on the smart hub, through the external siren, and on the app, and can be set up to notify emergency phone calling services.

This affordable and easy-to-install overhead camera system keeps pool owners always connected and informed of their pool safety while providing another eye on their pool for peace of mind.

“Having fun in and around your pool should be a cherished lifestyle activity and not a liability,” adds Reddy.  “With our team’s combined expertise in water sports and A.I., we want to make the world a safer place, and help people live their best life by providing peace of mind and helping to reduce risk.”

Pricing is $799 MSRP with a free 3-month trial premium monitoring subscription for initial users.  Monitoring subscription starts $12.99 per month after the first 3 months and includes a one-year warranty extension with each renewal.  The basic subscription is $12.99 per month and premium subscription is $19.99 per month with automatic software upgrades. Live phone, chat and email support are included.

Learn more at  CamerEye is also seeking pool builders and service dealers for all territories.  Call (800) 906-2810 or email
for more information.

Michele Moninger Baker


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