Buy Space Real Estate & Get a NFT Deed

JUPITER, Fla., April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Property for sale in Space, you know – Mars, the Moon, Uranus and on other floating celestial bodies – is now a thing. Ever since Elon Musk said he’s going to take us there, forward thinkers and planners are getting ready.

Today, My State MLS, a nationwide multiple listing service for earthbound real estate, is proud to announce My Space MLS, a space-wide multiple listing service for advertising space land for sale.

Companies like Lunar Land, Groupon, and Buy Mars have been selling acres of planetary property and offering printed Lunar Deeds and Martian Deeds with your name on them for years. Real estate agents, always with an out-of-this-world case of FOMO (Fear-Of-Missing-Out), are hurdling into virtual property sales and NFT’s for real estate.

If companies can sell virtual land, maybe it’s time to focus on space land. Afterall, at least it’s real land.

You see, the United Nations sponsored 1967 Outer Space Treaty established all of outer space as an international commons by describing it as the "province of all mankind" and forbidding all nations from claiming territorial sovereignty. However, while the treaty points out countries, it neglects to mention individuals and corporations. So, acreage on planets, moons and even comets, is fair game for settlers and astrophysical landowners.

"Some call it a technicality," said Dawn Pfaff, president of My State MLS and founder of My Space MLS. "But land is land and if anyone can sell it, we can list it. We think big here and we’re going universal, not just nationwide."

My Space MLS is contacting the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) to work with them to implement NFT Deeds. Of course, COPUOS is busy this month (April) with their annually scheduled meeting. We’re trying to get on the agenda. But even if we can’t get COPUOS attention, we’re soaring ahead anyway.

"We’re going to have specials so buyers can make ‘sight unseen’ offers based on virtual property tours, HD photos, and our soon to be launched webcams," said Pfaff.

Our website launchpad is under construction. And we’re looking upward to providing membership to anyone interested in selling both virtual and celestial property. All real estate professionals are invited to join: Appraisers, Inspectors, Mortgage Bankers and Brokers, Real Estate Agents and Brokers.

In addition, My Space MLS is looking for sponsors for putting signs on our Moon Buggies and Planet Rovers, so we are ready when Elon delivers his space travelers and prospects can be driven around to look at acreage for sale.

We are recommending that each property deed be crafted as an NFT for secure digital protection.

Next step, we are contacting master planned community builders to see if they want to participate in colonization. We expect pre-construction prices to beat the current pricing on Earth because of the soaring home costs and lack of terrestrial inventory.

We’re also recommending, no community Homeowner Associations. Imagine a planet without HOAs. That’s enough to make most move.

By-the-way, Loopnet is advertising "Space for Sale" right now; but, we think they’re talking about terrestrial commercial office property for your business. It’s all very confusing.

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This release is an April Fools’ release and should be taken as such by readers and the media. This non-factual news release is issued by My State MLS and is an acknowledged spoof press release for April Fool’s Day.

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