Bulb and Blossom Is a Flower Lover’s Paradise Featuring Over 50 New, Rare and Exclusive Amaryllis Bulbs Along With Specialty Bulb Gardens

Recently launched online shop arrives in time for holiday shopping

MARLBOROUGH, N.H., Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With over 50 new, rare, and exclusive varieties of Amaryllis bulbs as well as specialty bulb gardens, BulbandBlossom.com, which launched in early September, is a specialty shopping destination for garden and flower enthusiasts as well as those looking to give a unique gift during the holidays.

Bulb and Blossom’s extensive collection of Amaryllis bulbs showcase the beauty and different varieties of these flowers which are typically associated with the holidays. They are available as bare bulbs, in a decorative pot or wrapped with one of four unique dried botanical coverings including Rose Petal, Lavender, Moss and Calendula. The company’s Amaryllis bulbs feature unique color options like orange, coral and yellow in addition to more traditional holiday colors like red, white or pink. What’s more, the Amaryllis bulbs feature distinctive and memorable names including the Rock ‘n Roll Amaryllis, the Cocktail Amaryllis, the Gold Medal Amaryllis and the American Dream Amaryllis to name just a few.

In addition to the extensive Amaryllis bulb selection, Bulb and Blossom also sells potted indoor specialty bulb gardens and Monthly Bulb programs featuring tulips, narcissus, and other spring-blooming bulbs. The bulb gardens come in a range of colors so customers or gift recipients can enjoy a continuous display of blooms indoors throughout the winter months. They’re a nice option for those who don’t have garden space but still want to enjoy growing specialty bulbs in their home – or for those who don’t want to wait until spring to enjoy some floral beauty.

Bulb and Blossom sources their Amaryllis bulbs from growers around the world so that they can offer customers unique varieties not readily found in the United States. Prices range from $11 to $40+.  The company provides helpful tips for potting, growing and re-blooming Amaryllis bulbs as well as potted bulb garden care instructions on their site.

Based in Marlborough, NH, Bulb and Blossom and was founded in 2023 and is an online retail extension of Marlborough Gardens, an established wholesale seller of specialty bulbs. For more information on Bulb and Blossom’s unique selection of Amaryllis bulbs, specialty bulb gardens and monthly bulb programs, please visit BulbandBlossom.com.

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