Blockchain Real Estate Summit Will Show Investors, Issuers, Fund Managers and Crypto Enthusiasts How to Profit from Blockchain

Conference to be held Online, Sept. 26 – 28, 2023

OAK BROOK, Ill., June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 3rd annual Blockchain Real Estate Summit (BRES) will take place online from September 26–28, 2023, for our worldwide audience. Real Estate Professionals created this global blockchain event for Real Estate Investors, Blockchain Innovators, Academics, NFT Creators, Metaverse Innovators, and Professionals in the Real Estate Industry. 

The Blockchain Real Estate Summit is partnering with FIBREE, the world’s leading blockchain network for real estate professionals.

This year’s Blockchain Real Estate Summit will be global, featuring one day of content for Europe, the Americas, and Asia, with more than 50+ leading international blockchain experts and academics.

BRES educates investors, issuers, fund managers and crypto enthusiasts about blockchain and how it will change how we own, sell, trade and invest in real estate. Learn about the Tokenization of Real Estate, the Best Blockchains for Real Asset Tokenization, Secondary Market Trading, NFTs & Metaverse, Tokenizing Mortgages & Debts, and more. Meet the prominent players in the blockchain real estate industry.

“Tokenization on a blockchain allows for the instantaneous transfer of assets such as real estate, gold, oil & gas funds, and even bourbon or scotch,” said Michael Flight, Co-Founder of the Blockchain Real Estate Summit.

Jo Bronckers, President of FIBREE, adds, “The core of a blockchain use case is structuring the data flows. The last 20% of a blockchain use case, devoted to the actual blockchain, contributes 80% of the total value add. So that’s the game-changing potential we’re discussing – and that’s where FIBREE aims to make a significant impact.”

“Our lead sponsor, Invest On Main, is a regulated real estate tokenization crowdfunding platform and marketplace that allows issuers (sponsors) to distribute investment products in an easy-to-use and legally compliant way for US and non-US investors. Get your money out of Wall Street and put it to work on Main Street,” said Flight.

Additional sponsors of this year’s global summit include AcceleratedLaw, Bull Blockchain Law and Wall Street Blockchain Alliance.

Our partner FIBREE is a leading international network that brings together the expertise of real estate professionals and blockchain specialists to share knowledge and insights. FIBREE also collaborates on research projects providing a platform for knowledge exchange. FIBREE’s mission is to help the real estate, construction, energy, and infrastructure industries maximize the true potential of blockchain technology.

“Real estate and real asset tokenization are prime to take off into a Trillion dollar+ industry,” said Courtney Moeller, Co-Founder & CEO of Invest On Main. “But it will truly reach its potential to create wealth for everyone when we make it easier to access.”

The Blockchain Real Estate Summit is the global intersection of FinTech, PropTech (Property Technology), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create DeFi (Decentralized Finance), which allows worldwide access to the wealth-generating benefits of real estate.

The Global Blockchain Real Estate Summit will be held online for a truly worldwide Real Estate Blockchain event.

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