BEAM Brings a Modern Twist to Jersey City Church, Creating Beautiful Living Spaces in the Most Unexpected Way

NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BEAM Architects is a boutique architectural firm that creatively focuses on building smart designs for multifamily and commercial projects in the New York City area. The firm has extensive experience in adaptive reuse, repurposing materials, and modernizing buildings, bringing them into the 21st century.

BEAM is building success by design integrity and adding value to local neighborhoods. They exceed their client goals through their expertise in many facets of architectural design, from facade design to interior design to their superb knowledge of building code, functionality, and design in general.

BEAM has a growing presence in the Jersey City area, where they have exemplified their work in the beautifully smart buildings they designed. One of the newest and most innovative projects is The Bridget, located at 380 Montgomery Street. BEAM has used its expertise to convert this former church into a modern living space while maintaining a historical presence in the details. The church’s 50-foot-high ceilings, transformed into habitable space by dividing the interior horizontally, set the stage for layers of unique residential units. Each apartment, now alive with modern comfort, tells its own story by preserving the unique features of its location within the church. The challenges with integrating the church’s original architectural elements, such as the vaulted ceilings and the imposing clerestory windows, into a residential setting offer valuable insights to architects and designers.

The stunning modern interiors preserve the impressive historical details, creating unique and updated living spaces with a classic yet modern twist. A range of studios to three-bedroom units makes a statement with homes featuring historical, beautiful stained glass windows with all the modern amenities.

Each unit captures the ambiance and distinct feel of the church and enhances it through intentional simplicity in design; the understated yet stylish kitchens take a backseat, letting the units’ special characteristics shine. A more subtle design touch is seen in the bathrooms, which incorporate wood-look porcelain tiles for a cozy feel. The Gothic-influenced elements are a tribute to the past, and matte black fittings bring unity to the design overall.

The lobby portrays the perfect entrance to tranquility, where one can find accent light fixtures complementing the historic environment. To further feel the history, restored ribbed vaulted ceilings and Gothic stained glass windows harken back to a storied past. A monochrome hallway, striking in its black and white contrast, leads to an original church door, a preserved authentic gem. The meticulously restored staircase graces the hall, complemented by the vibrant stained glass windows, with every intricate texture being painstakingly preserved. In some units, kitchens feature Gothic arches, carefully restored ribbed vaulted ceilings, and stained glass windows.

The Bridget is more of a lifestyle with its unique building amenities. The common spaces add essential value to work-from-home residents. The Bridget is outfitted with workstations, making it a great spot to hang out with neighbors and friends — even enjoy a tabletop game challenge — and ideally suited as a co-working space. Please join us on this virtual tour (

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