Be The Plant Parent You’ve Always Wanted to Be with This Plant Identification App: Plantility Plant Scanner

SHERIDAN, Wyo., Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Not all plants grow at the same rate. Some survive with the smallest amount of water and sunlight while some are very finicky about their environment. With Plantility’s latest update, users can get the most accurate diagnosis and get recommended the best care they can provide for their plants on top of an enjoyable experience and welcoming community of green fingers in Plantility.

Plantility is a state-of-the-art plant identification application that can identify plants, trees, and flowers. It also helps users identify different plant diseases and recommends care instructions on how you can revive and take better care of your plants.

The Pros of Having a Digital Botanist at the Palm of Your Hands

With Plantility’s newest update, the plant scanner application has improved accuracy by 30%. Diagnosing plant diseases is now more precise with the higher resolution scans. This, together with Plantility’s ability to identify a plethora of plants, trees, and flowers, can easily help gardeners and even those who are just starting to grow plants provide better care for their greens. Plantility is more than a plant scanning application, it’s your personal digital botanist.

Improved Community and Security Upgrades
The Plantility Development Team listens to feedback. To give users a more enjoyable experience, Plantility has improved user-sharing of their plant scans. Users can now add great filters and easily share their scans on Facebook and connect with fellow plant enthusiasts.

The developer also improved the application security that gives users a safe log in through Google or Facebook. Data is an essential part of what makes Plantility great, and the development team always keeps privacy top of mind.

Plantility Has Saved Plants and Has Built a Strong Community of More Than 15,000 Plant Enthusiasts

This pandemic has made everyone realize their goals and explore new habits. The plant industry has boomed and almost everyone has incorporated greenery and flora in their lives. Most people are hopeful that their plants will bloom and grow only to find them dying after a few days. With Plantility, conveniently tend to your plant from sprout to full bloom with its push notification features to guide you all the way through. Not everyone is born with green fingers, but this plant scanner can change that.

Plantility is an important tool to more than 15,000 plant enthusiasts around the world. Plant parents and casual users of the plant scanner are now enjoying unmatched experiences when it comes to handling plants. With the plant app’s latest upgrades and other in-app offerings, Plantility is more than just a plant identifier application. This digital botanist is in the forefront of giving your plants a better life.

"Everyone can grow plants and we all want a greener world. Some find growing plants a bit more challenging, and this is where Plantility comes in. We want to take the challenges out of plant ownership. Said their certified green thumb and co-founder. "We are more than an app; we are your partners in gardening, discovery, and house plant care." They added.

Whether you are learning about plants or is looking for a reliable partner for your plant’s health, Plantility is one download away. Try out Plantility for FREE on iOS and join the community. For a limited-time only, register to become a lifetime premium member of the Plantility community for only $60. Alternatively, smaller subscription packages are available for only $9.99 per month or $30 for a 1-year subscription. For more information, visit

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