Bank Shot Is Setting a New Standard for the Level of Cybersecurity Consumers Should Expect From Their Earnest Money and Real Estate Check Transmission Software

ATLANTA, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bank Shot ( has stormed the market as a faster, safer and more affordable way to send earnest money, down payments and other real estate funds. They’re continuing to set new standards in the industry, as they provide their consumers with peace of mind with their industry-leading security standards.

Their mobile app is equipped with the highest level of cybersecurity with Check 21 standards and two-factor authentication (2FA) – all hosted on Amazon’s cloud. They’ve also partnered with Red Sentry, a penetration testing tool that continually tests and searches Bank Shot’s assets for vulnerabilities, keeping them one step ahead of any potential issues. While most companies undergo this process once per year, Bank Shot does it daily, in order to keep their customers protected 24/7.

In addition to these back-end security features, Bank Shot also enables their users with a one-of-kind safety feature. Bank Shot is the only electronic check solution that enables the account holder to review each check prior to installment, with its patented stop light technology. Users can use this process to deposit checks (green), place them on hold (yellow) or reject them (red). A rejected check is as good as an unpresented or a torn-up check. This patented process ensures that no transactions take place until the account holder decides to move forward with the deposit.

Once payments have been deposited, check images are deleted automatically from the app and not stored on any image galleries.

"We know how devastating real estate wire fraud is to homebuyers, and we make sure the security of their money is at the forefront of everything we do," said Emily Traxler, CEO, Bank Shot. "Not only is driving around checks eliminated with our mobile app, but our customers are armed with all the necessary security features."

According to the FBI (via, in 2019, nearly 12,000 people were victims of real estate related wire fraud, losing over $220 million. This was a jump of 48% over 2018. Bank Shot believes it doesn’t have to be this way.

See for yourself why thousands of buyers and agents trust Bank Shot for their home payments by requesting a demo here.

Alternatively, you can learn all about Bank Shot in person at the National Settlement Services Summit (NS3) from June 1 through June 3 or at the Texas Land Title Association (TLTA) conference from June 13 through June 15.

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