Bank Shot, a First-Of-Its-Kind Mobile App for Handling Earnest Money and All Real Estate Check Transmissions, Added Five New Banks to Its Arsenal– a Total of 64 Banks All Over the Country

ATLANTA, Feb. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bank Shot ( announced today that it’s available at 64 banks for title companies, closing attorneys, and other real estate industry professionals, who receive earnest money, commission, and other types of payments.This mobile solution gives users both ACH and a one of a kind non-ACH options. Bank Shot has been utilized successfully in the real estate world due to its compliance standards and feature growth. It’s the only platform that allows you to decide which types of payments you collect to remain compliant, white labels the platform when requested, and gives you control over the payment submissions!

How it works: The Bank Shot mobile app, available for iPhone and Android users, eliminates your trips to the bank and is not limited to one entity. Instead, this secure real estate and title mobile app lets you snap photos of checks and electronically submit them instantly with a click of a button. The payments stop at a web-based portal first, prior to deposit, so that the operator can confirm the payments and properties, and then choose which accounts to deposit the funds, using the images received. Checks can be deposited in multiple accounts at multiple banks for each client. Confirmations of the transactions take place immediately, giving all parties date and time stamps of when the checks were sent successfully.

"Bank Shot continues to change the game in real estate payment processing because we have true non-ACH options for our customers. Our goal is to get our customers real money, real fast, with the highest level of security that exists. Adding more banks to our platform allows more customers to take advantage of our incredible solution," explained CEO, Bank Shot, Emily Traxler.

"Bank Shot makes sense for the title industry. We’re real estate veterans, and we developed this solution to address a problem in our industry. As brokers and owners, we understand operational expenses, so we set up Bank Shot to be delivered with no setup fees, monthly fees, or tech fees. You only pay when a successful deposit is sent, and we’ve even kept that cost very low. This gives our clients the convenience and peace of mind,  knowing their checks will be delivered quickly and securely," added Co-Founder, Bernardine Drake.

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Bank Shot (Earnest Money App: Get Bank Shot) is a mobile real estate app that makes depositing earnest money checks, commission checks, and rental house deposits simple, convenient and compliant for agents, brokers, title companies, and property managers.

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