BAM Capital Partners with Milhaus to Launch Nox, A New Era in Multifamily Living in Pittsburgh, PA

INDIANAPOLIS, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BAM Capital, alongside development partner Milhaus, proudly introduces Nox, a transformative Class A+ multifamily community project set in the burgeoning area of Robinson Township, Pittsburgh, PA. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in offering sophisticated living spaces and investment opportunities in one of the most dynamic and economically vibrant regions of the United States.

BAM Capital has a legacy of excellence in real estate investment. Founded on a commitment to integrity, innovation, and excellence, BAM Capital has established itself as a leader in the multifamily real estate sector. With a keen eye for emerging market trends and an unyielding dedication to maximizing investor returns, BAM Capital has successfully managed properties that resonate with the modern resident while offering substantial value to its investment partners.

Milhaus, a premier real estate development and management company, brings its expertise in creating high-quality, sustainable urban housing solutions. Known for its innovative approach to design and community building, Milhaus has been instrumental in transforming neighborhoods into vibrant, desirable places to live. Their partnership with BAM Capital in developing Nox underscores a shared vision for excellence and a commitment to positively impacting the communities they serve.

Introducing Nox, a new standard of living. Nox represents the pinnacle of urban living, offering residents a unique blend of luxury, convenience, and connectivity. Situated in Robinson Township, an area known for its robust retail environment and close proximity to downtown Pittsburgh, Nox promises an unmatched living experience. The development is designed to meet the needs of a diverse demographic, from young professionals to families, offering a mix of studio, one, and two-bedroom units, each outfitted with high-end finishes and state-of-the-art amenities.

The Nox development project, a strategic investment initiative by BAM Capital, is poised for a significant impact on the Robinson Township, Pittsburgh, PA, landscape over a concise investment horizon of 3 years. The development is scheduled to commence construction in July 2024, with the first units earmarked for delivery by October 2025 and completion anticipated by November 2026.

This strategic venture not only highlights BAM Capital’s commitment to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns but also underscores the firm’s adeptness at navigating the multifamily community development landscape.

For accredited investors, Nox presents an unparalleled opportunity to participate in a project poised for success. The strategic location, combined with BAM Capital’s disciplined investment approach and Milhaus’s development expertise, sets the stage for significant capital appreciation and stable, long-term returns. This offering not only aligns with BAM Capital’s track record of delivering exceptional value but also reflects the growing demand for luxury multifamily accommodations in Pittsburgh’s competitive real estate market.

“BAM Capital remains highly selective and opportunistic in its ongoing endeavor to be the most trusted steward of investor capital,” notes Ivan Barratt, Founder and CEO of BAM Capital. “The Nox project is another great example of how, through key relationships and a disciplined approach, we are able to democratize access to institutional-quality assets for our valued partners,” adds Barratt.

Looking ahead, a bright future for Nox and its investors. As construction progresses, BAM Capital and Milhaus look forward to the completion of Nox and the positive impact it will have on Robinson Township and the greater Pittsburgh area. This project not only signifies a significant achievement for both companies but also sets a new standard for multifamily living and investment in the region. Please reach out to BAM Capital regarding viewing the OM/PPM for more details.

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