Award-Winning ‘Deposit Defender’ App Expands Functionality to Serve the Needs of Property Managers, While Continuing to Deliver the Best Affordable Rental-Space Documentation Available for Renters and Landlords

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Deposit Defender announced it had completely overhauled both its website and popular app to better serve a growing customer base, including new end users like landlords and property managers. Deposit Defender is the only app that helps tenants protect their security deposits when entering into a new lease agreement, while also helping landlords and property managers with inspections or documenting the move in/move out condition of rental spaces. Deposit Defender recently won a BMA Platinum Award for best new mobile app, and is available for download via the AppStore and Google Play

Deposit Defender: Property Management Software Made Easy

Using a series of comprehensive checklists and photo-taking protocols, Deposit Defender helps accurately document the condition of a rental property before renters move in, serving as digitally date-stamped proof of condition. Gathered information on properties can be easily shared, uploaded, and stored in any secure database to help timely returns of rental deposits in the future, or serve as documentation should any disputes arise. The Deposit Defender app is also a convenient tool for landlords and property managers who need to routinely inspect and document a wide variety of rental properties – keeping that information conveniently sorted and stored all from a single app.

“Deposit Defender began as most good ideas do: it served a need and filled an important gap in the industry,” said Deposit Defender Co-Founder, Angie Durbin. “Property management software just doesn’t do what most land lords and owners need it to do – not to mention, it’s far too expensive for renters who are just looking for an easy way to document a property walkthrough. So I took 20+ years of property management experience and filled Deposit Defender with absolutely every tip I knew about inspections: everything a user should be looking for while walking through a rental space. I just wanted an easy tool that lets us document rental spaces exactly as they are – so we can all stop fighting over security deposits. That’s ultimately what Deposit Defender does: saves everyone time and money.”

Deposit Defender: 5-Star Customer Testimonials

“LOVE THIS APP! This app is amazing for move-in and out inspections, every time you move! It takes photos of absolutely everything, offers a space to write notes about the condition of items, and walks you through things you wouldn’t even think to take photos of when moving in. It helps me document every item of my new home to make sure I get the most of my security deposit when I move out, with dated photographic evidence that will hold up in court if I need it to. Def recommend. 10 stars!” – J. Bellis, Google Play Store

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About Deposit Defenders LLC: Rental Inspection Made Easy

Deposit Defender is a dynamic and convenient app that allows renters, landlords, and property managers to itemize and photo-document rental properties for a wide variety of uses: general documentation, upkeep, and before renters move in to safeguard security deposits and deliver peace of mind. The app was co-created by Jeff and Angie Durbin. Jeff is the owner of Durbin’s Carpet Care, with over 30 years of carpet cleaning and business management experience, while Angie has been a property manager for over two decades and is the owner of D&M Realty and Management in San Diego. Learn more at:   

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