August 2022: World Estimating Offers Monthly Construction Takeoff Packages as the Industry Revives

World Estimating is Offering Monthly Construction Takeoff Packages as the Construction Industry Stabilizes

MIAMI, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — First the Covid, then price hikes and labor shortages, the construction industry has suffered a lot. After these conditions have passed, the industry is reviving for the better. This has led to an increased number of projects. These projects have created problems for contractors concerning bidding. World Estimating is a reputed firm that has facilitated individuals and contracting companies over the past. For the current condition, the company is offering takeoff packages on monthly basis to facilitate bidding.

The company is based in Miami, FL, and also holds offices in other states. The company offers construction estimating services and others with substantial accuracy. Their estimating services come with substantial accuracy and details. These services have proven highly beneficial for their past clients, thus reducing their in-house estimating expense up to 60%. They hold a substantial pool of satisfied clientele all around the United States of America.

Further, the owner of the company Nathaniel James stated about the current monthly offer, "We have always kept a keen view of all the happenings in the industry. To provide for the newly increased multitude of construction projects our takeoff packages are the ultimate solution. Contractors can get estimates for up to 10 projects starting from $1500." He has further added about the offer, "This way, they can bid better and for more projects than before. We hope to help our clients to their advantage in this manner, making them able to place winning bids and make the most profit."

Moreover, an old satisfied client talked about the company as, "The business is in turmoil since the pandemic. Fortunately, World Estimating has been of great help. They offer some worthwhile over-the-counter help for us. As they have been ever since the pandemic. Their help has revolutionized our bidding and project winning." Later he hoped about how the offered packages will be helpful for his bidding concern. He stated, "Even for the current situation, with the offered monthly takeoff packages we hope to bid with the required sufficiency."

The company utilizes the latest software and employs training programs to improve its services. Along with its services, the company offers a worthwhile user experience. To conclude, the company is positive about the offered package.

About the Firm

World Estimating Services has been in the construction industry for the past 15 years. The company holds a vast team of expert estimators. With their expertise, the company offers all sorts of estimating and takeoff services. Some of the highly demanded ones are:

  • Construction Estimating Services
  • Material Takeoff Services
  • Construction Takeoff Services
  • Quantity Takeoff Services
  • Drywall Takeoff
  • Lumber Takeoff
  • Mechanical Estimating Services
  • Electrical Estimating Services

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