As Housing Market Begins to Cool, Now Is the Time to Invest – California’s Number One House-Flipping Company Accepting New Investors: Learn, Invest, and Grow with Belwood Investments

FOLSOM, Calif., Sept. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Belwood Investments (Belwood) recently issued a call for new investors, highlighting its streamlined investment programs for both accredited and non-accredited parties. Ensuring security, Belwood presents house-flipping opportunities that are rigorously pre-screened, offering average investors the chance to benefit from an already unprecedented and profitable housing market. Founded in 2018, Belwood currently operates in 36 states with expansion plans to grow its footprint nationwide. The company has regularly proven attractive returns, easily surpassing the nationwide 10% average of its competitors.

Belwood Investments: Simplified Real Estate Investing

Especially welcoming to investors with little knowledge or experience, Belwood uses a specialized system that creates low-risk investment opportunities by doing more than just presenting traditional Fix-and-Flip scenarios. The Belwood formula works reliably and repeatedly because it begins with excellent raw material – preselected premium houses that rate high in quality resale value. This allows Belwood to net ROIs averaging around 28.5% for light remodels, 29% for medium remodels, and 20% for heavy remodels.

"One of the secrets to our rapid and continued success is our evaluation process for project properties," said Bo Belmont, President and CEO of Belwood Investments. "We don’t need to knock on wood, relying on luck, because we say ‘no’ to dozens of houses long before we ever say ‘yes’ to a single purchase. Flipping houses is a quick way to describe what is actually a painstaking process that requires quality control and keen discernment. And we take care of all of that for our investors, going through a comprehensive screening for one single reason: to protect our investors’ funds and ensure they make a profit. So many firms out there make this claim, but we stand by it: we are a very transparent company. We have never lost a single investment dollar and we have countless success stories to prove it."  

Learn more about the experienced investors behind Belwood by listening to the "Big Moves" podcast on SoundCloud. And follow Belwood on social media: YouTube, Facebook. and Instagram

Belwood Investments: Investor Testimonials

"My wife and I are now on our second investment with Belwood Investments and continue to be impressed by their honesty, integrity, and transparency. They have made this experience easy, stress-free and fun. We hope Belwood keeps growing for many years, continuing to bring together an entire community of investors, referral partners, and highly successful business ventures and we look forward to being a part of it!" – Amber and Matt, recent investors

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