AI Transforms Real Estate: Boosting Profits, Sustainability, and the Fight Against Climate Change

Insights from Basil Al-Hilal, Founder and CEO of Hilal Holding

DELFT, South Holland, Netherlands, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be a game changer in the real estate industry, offering investors increased profits while promoting sustainable development and combating climate change.

Basil Al-Hilal, Founder and CEO of Hilal Holding, shares how his company leverages AI tech to revolutionize real estate management, development, and investment.

AI technology has the potential to transform the real estate industry by providing real-depth analysis that would be otherwise unattainable for humans.

“AI can help analyze data quickly from multiple sources, such as demographic, environmental, and economic data, to identify the best areas for real estate development,” said Al-Hilal.

Furthermore, AI can optimize building designs, reduce energy consumption, and create more sustainable developments.

“We believe that sustainable buildings and practices are not only better for the environment but also more cost-effective in the long run,” Al-Hilal added.

In property management, AI can save time and money for real estate developers. Hilal Holding is exploring several AI applications, but Al-Hilal is particularly excited about using AI to improve property management.

By automating tasks such as maintenance, rent collection, and lease renewals, his company can save time and resources while providing a more seamless experience for tenants.

“Since AI can save time for property managers, they can focus on higher-level tasks,” Al Al-Hilal noted.

Al-Hilal firmly believes that AI can significantly increase profits and promote sustainability in the real estate industry.

“By using AI, we can make better-informed decisions and create more efficient and sustainable projects,” he said. “This not only benefits investors but also contributes to a more sustainable future.”

As the real estate industry continues to evolve, AI will play a crucial role in driving innovation and creating more sustainable developments.

“By embracing this technology, real estate developers can maximize their profits while contributing to a more sustainable future for everyone,” Al-Hilal emphasized.

AI can also analyze trends in the real estate market to identify potential investment opportunities and make more informed decisions for Hilal Holding’s real estate portfolio.

“I believe AI will become more efficient, sustainable, and customer-centric in the coming years as new technologies such as AI, IoT, and blockchain become adopted. We will see greater automation and data-driven decision-making in the industry,” Al-Hilal predicted.

With a diverse business background in technology, hospitality, and real estate, Al-Hilal has successfully established Hilal Holding, which manages several businesses across various industries.

The mission of his company is to create a diversified portfolio that generates the best possible ROI for stakeholders. Hilal Holding stands out within the real estate industry for several reasons. Firstly, they have a strong focus on innovation and technology.

By integrating AI and other new technologies, they provide a more efficient and data-driven experience for customers. Secondly, the company prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility in real estate developments.

“We also believe in a customer-centric approach to our business, meaning that we focus on building strong relationships with our tenants, investors, and other stakeholders to provide a personalized and positive experience,” Al-Hilal concluded.

In addition to its real estate endeavors, Hilal Holding demonstrates the strength of a diversified investment portfolio by successfully managing two other prominent businesses. 

Kira B.V., a subsidiary of the holding company, specializes in the transportation of large and heavy items, such as machinery, equipment, and oversized cargo.

This venture has proven to be highly lucrative, generating substantial revenue and contributing significantly to the company’s overall success.

Moreover, Hilal Holding has expanded its reach into the food industry by managing a franchise of the well-known food chain Johnny’s Burger Company, strategically located in the heart of Utrecht.

This diversification into the food sector showcases the company’s ability to adapt and thrive in various industries, thereby minimizing risk and ensuring stable returns for its increasing revenue.

Hilal Holding’s diverse investment portfolio exemplifies the company’s commitment to implementing modern economic theories and practices, such as portfolio diversification and risk management.

By actively exploring opportunities across multiple industries, Hilal Holding continually adapts to market fluctuations and secures a solid financial foundation for its increasing revenue, further solidifying its position as a leading business conglomerate.

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Basil Al-Hilal
Founder and CEO
Hilal Holding 
Delft, South Holland, Netherlands
Phone: 0684647070

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