Affordable Housing Crisis Intensifies

Manufactured Home Rental Company Launches Investment Opportunity

RIVERVIEW, Fla., July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ERC Communities today announced their Reg A investment round opening. They are breaking ground on their Zephyrhills location to begin development of a single-family home community. This manufactured home community will answer the affordable housing crisis by offering families 25%-35% reduction in rental costs in a safe, sustainable environment they can call home. Individual investors can participate with as little as a $750 investment and earn a 10% (tax deferred) dividend yield paid quarterly.

According to a recent NPR article, "The government data shows that rents are rising faster than normal. The big problem here is that after the last housing crash, we just didn’t build enough homes to rent or to buy for about a decade. And that’s the biggest reason housing is so expensive. So, we just need to build a lot more homes to catch up." ERC Communities is accelerating their building plan to help meet this demand.

The Tampa Bay Business Journal recently featured ERC Communities Chairman, Jerry Ellenburg in an article titled "Built-to-rent single family communities take off in Tampa Bay." Ashley Kritzer provided an overview of the benefits. "Think of these developments as combining the best attributes of multifamily and single-family home communities: They offer investors and developers the efficiency of managing a multifamily property, and tenants are offered the extra space and amenities that they would find in a for-sale, single-family home community."

Interest rates have recently increased from approx. 3 % to 6 %, the impact on the housing market when combined with inflation is hitting families hard. The excess demand for rental real estate affects millions of people. In a recent interview, Jerry Ellenburg states, "the interest rate hikes have thrown a lot of homebuyers out of the home purchase market." ERC Communities is building manufactured homes for rent to help address this major real estate market problem.

About ERC Communities:

ERC was founded as a pioneer build-to-rent (B2R) real estate development company wholesaling mini-neighborhoods of affordable single-family homes. Led by senior executive experience of over 100 combined years and $1 billion in real estate, construction, asset management, and finance experience, the company is at the forefront of the emerging B2R boom. Using innovative internet crowd financing via Reg A offerings, ERC will offer investors the opportunity to invest in B2R homes. ERC plans to satisfy the pent-up demand of institutional investors for new rental housing, while meeting the need of millennials and others for single-family living without the hurdles of home ownership. The company will initially build in Florida, later expanding to other Southeastern states. For more information join our webinar or visit

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